Monaco/O'Hurley Dance-Off Set for Tuesday Night

Did Kelly Monaco (search) of the popular ABC soap "General Hospital" win the trophy on "Dancing with the Stars" (search) because it was also an ABC show?

There was an enormous fuss this summer when she won over hands-down favorite John O’Hurley (search), famous for playing catalogue king J. Peterman on NBC's "Seinfeld."

Although Monaco improved tremendously over the course of the show, O’Hurley was the most consistent contestant.

Sensing that a suspicious public must be placated before they bring the show back in November, ABC has decided to reunite the rivals in a 90-minute dance-off.

Their respective dance partners, Alec Mazo and Charlotte Jorgensen, will be with them.

The results will be decided by an audience vote, on Tuesday night (8:30 p.m. EDT), and the results revealed on a follow-up broadcast Thursday night (9 p.m. EDT).

For the rematch, each pairing will perform Latin, ballroom and freestyle dances. Unlike the original 6-week series, though, they will be judged by only viewer votes, rather than a combination of votes and judge scoring.

When asked in July whether she was up for a rematch, Monaco said, "Bring it on. You want a dance-off, come on up here. I'll give you a dance-off."