The Whip

Sept. 18, 2005 10:11 a.m.
Newark Airport

En route to Miami, then to New York, to Paris, to Amman, to Iraq.

You don't think about Iraq until you get in the vehicle at the airport.

Ham and eggs at Dick Clark's American Bandstand, coffee in a styrofoam cup. Going over scenes from a three-day family wedding in Whippany, NJ.

"Is that a Burberry?" asked my aunt from Nebraska.

"No, it's a Blueberry," corrected my mother.

Two cousins had to give toasts. One was from the heart, the other funny. They were nervous about it. Later each stopped by table eight for a debrief with the Chop. That's what he is called.

I was sitting next to the Chop, so I could see it. First the younger cousin, standing, looking down into the Chop's face, a round Hayes face grizzled with a salt and pepper beard. The cousin was excited from the speech. The Chop was smiling too, looking up from his seat and listening. The scene was repeated a few minutes later with the second cousin. I watched it again and nodded to myself.

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I'm sorry, I don't understand which relative is "the Chop"... though I laughed anyway. At least your mom got close on the Burberry/Blueberry thing ... my mom doesn't know a Blackberry from a strawberry! It was good to see a blog from you today ... it had been a while! Stay safe in Iraq.

The Woodlands, TX


I enjoy your blog and reporting. You tackle the tough jobs and get right into the story. When will you return?

Wyoming, MI

After such a great job of coverage of Katrina (in Miss. before and during the hurricane-then in the rescue boat), we have not seen Steve on FOX reporting. Where is Steve, our favorite reporter?

Jan & Bill


I know you weren't trying to brighten anyone's day while reporting from Gulf Port as Katrina was showing her fury, but a friend and I were watching you from a hotel in Houston - safe from the storm - and smiling at your sense of humor. We needed that on that day as we watched our beloved city and the surrounding area take a hit from a terrible storm.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to return to the New Orleans area but I will.

Thanks again Steve,
Jo from NOLA

Steve, Just a short note to tell you how appreciated your coverage of Katrina has been to me. From the first images (almost comical) of you trying to stand in the wind to the fire burning in downtown New Orleans. You come off as the average guy but your work proves that you are far from average. All the best, Bill

Steve, I just found your blog, I must say that after watching your daring Iraq coverage that you are one of the most rugged and well-traveled newsmen in the business. You have a shade of Hemingway in you, even if you say you can't light a cigarette. I think I'd be doing a lot of smoking down there.