President's Plan for Recovery

On Tuesday President Bush took responsibility for some of the Katrina failures. Thursday from Louisiana, he spoke to the American people about recovery and rebuilding — and FNC wants to hear from YOU!

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Here's what FOX Fans are saying:

"President Bush, got carried away, there is no way the U.S. can afford anything right now! The budget needs to be reviewed and revised to CUT OUT all the ridiculous pork spending. We are a bankrupt country. Anyone see the NATIONAL DEBT lately?" — Anna

"I'm tired of everyone bashing the president. He's one man, and with out all the factors, from citizens to federal government, playing their part, it's impossible for things to get done. My heart goes out to all the families and businesses effected by Katrina, but the recovery effort would be smoother and more successful for everyone if the media would stop trying to place blame and start focusing on the true matter at hand — restoration!" — Danielle (Ft. Walton Beach, FL)

"I found the president's speech to be comprehensive and forward-looking. He chose to address not only the past issues, take credit or blame for them, but also to really look forward and address the types of issues that could turn around an OLD city, with inner-city problems." — Lisa (Kansas City, KS)

"President Bush taking it on the chin is honorable, but nowhere in the constitution is anything written about the government paying for rebuilding after a natural disaster. Now, it appears that $200 billion, of taxpayers money, will be spent. The right thing to do would be for the state of Louisiana, the city of New Orleans, and the parishes to float bonds. Leave the U.S. government out of it, except to help with law and order." — John (Milledgeville, GA)

"I think President Bush did a good job letting the people of New Orleans know, as a nation, we will not let them down. It will take a lot to rebuild because it was a terrible disaster and it was not handled well on the local level. I think it was a shame that all those buses were sitting there and not being used. I do believe there should be an investigation of what could have been done to get help to the people sooner, but let's take a hard look at the local level first, because that is where something went dreadfully wrong." Jim (Lexington, SC)

"This disaster was predicted years ago and no arrangements were in place to help the people who were the most helpless? No amount of words can change the fact that the higher authorities were just not concerned with doing their jobs over the preceding years, and the people of New Orleans were the victims of neglect. Your president (like our Australian prime minister), is far too concerned with foreign affairs, and too reliant on the ‘spin’ when his tardiness to act in a time of crisis becomes glaringly apparent. Sadly, it is obvious that the job of protecting America is way beyond Mr. Bush’s capabilities. He should have stopped his vacation, and ordered the National Guard in at once, regardless of what the indecisive governor was or was not doing. Kind words and a promise to do better won’t bring the dead back, or fix the living’s problems with homelessness and joblessness overnight." — Jennifer (Sydney, Australia )

"I found the president refreshing, steadfast, and a man of integrity and honor." — Steve

"The president's speech last night is exactly why I voted for him!" — Maribeth (Exton, PA)
"I think President Bush stood up and took responsibility where the local and state officials used the 'we-are-all-responsible' out." — Robert

"I felt President Bush would have set a better tone had he begun with the contrition portion of the speech. By the time he got to that part, my husband was literally snoring in bed next to me. And what he said regarding responsibility was nothing I hadn't heard before. This speech simply reinforced in my mind how I have felt about Bush for the last five years: that he is a walking sound byte." — Rebecca

"People voted for Bush because he claimed he would do a better job keeping Americans safe. Oh yeah, and because he has excellent speechwriters, something he just proved to the nation again last night. Now taxpayers will be hit with enormous bills so that Bush can prove how compassionate he is. I'm glad he's learned "the lessons of Katrina" but didn't he say the same about 9/11? And four years later, emergency first-responders were still overwhelmed for many desperate days while incompetent FEMA sat on its hands." — Betsy (New Hampshire)

"Has anyone dared to look at the truth? Look at his speeches of so-called progress in terms of our security and response abilities here on our own soil and compare that with his admitting the federal government's profoundly tragic blunder and inability to respond they way that they are supposed to! I will never forgive this president. How does he sleep at night? His response was far too late. He cost many American lives by his cronyism (i.e. his placing an old college buddy as head of FEMA when he was grossly unqualified). It's all too tragic." — Judy (Allentown, PA)

"President Bush once again showed his leadership during this tragic time. He took full responsibility for everything without pointing out the true short comings of this disaster as the liberal media and Democrats keep finger pointing." — Jerry (Houston, TX)

"Anyone who has heard Bush speak knew that this wasn’t something he could have said without a speech writer. The speech was a typical, full of his trying to make the public believe in lies. We need our government to be accountable to all its citizens. Mostly we need a president and a vice president who can lead our government and its citizens, and Bush and Cheney are not the ones." — Linda (Wisconsin)

"I thought President Bush's speech was exactly what everyone needed to hear. He outlined the problems, what needs to be done to fix them and how we were going to do it. If Louisiana's state and local officials were as good at identifying and fixing problems as the President, he wouldn't have had to offer as much aid because there wouldn't be the need to offer as much as he did. All they seem able to do is whine, cry and complain." — Betty

"In addition to admitting his mistakes, why didn't he also tell the American people how he is using this tragic event to make his rich buddies richer? Guess who got a no-bid contract for the rebuilding efforts? You guessed it — Halliburton, along with a few other companies who donated large sums of money to his reelection campaigns. It also gets worse: Bush waived the Davis-Bacon Act, which required contractors to pay the prevailing or average pay in the region. This was his initial reaction to Katrina?! How are the people who need it most going to recovery when the government is cheating them! Bush should be impeached!" — Curt (Jackson, MS)

"President Bush did great job challenging the nation to rebuild the Gulf area." — John (Holland, MI)

"Bush is an embarrassment to this nation. We have become a laughing stock to the world. This hurricane has proved he has no clue how to secure this nation. Wake up America and impeach this man before he completely ruins this nation!" — Madeline

"I thought it was as good as the 9/11 speech. He spoke to what needs to be done and what how it needs to happen." — Christie

"Just the fact that President Bush has taken the time tonight is a comfort. Many will never be satisfied. I'm not one. The world is paying attention and we must all do our part. The president is one of many who understand that they would rather focus on fixing the problems and helping fellow humans than dwelling in those problems. I support the efforts of President Bush, far over the anything I've seen from state and local government officials." — Sherri (Yucca Valley, CA)

"I am totally disgusted with the current administration. Now we are going to reward people with free land and homes in the affected regions because they were stupid enough to live below sea level? I guess I'm the idiot here for going to work every day, taking out a mortgage to pay back double what my house is worth over 30 years, and provide for myself and family. Taxpayer money should not be used in case of a flood. Everyone who lives in a flood-prone region has the opportunity to purchase flood insurance to avoid this type of tragedy. If you can't afford it, then you should not live there or you assume the risk of rebuilding yourself." — Keith

"The president covered all the bases. He will make all the 'wrongs' right again. Thank you, Mr. President" — Dana

"I thought President Bush's speech was fair and it was very refreshing to hear him take responsibility for the shortcomings of the federal government. It struck me that I don't think I have seen a recent president stand up and admit their mistakes." — Bryan (Manassas, VA)

"I am a black American male who wants to say to people who think that President Bush hates black people that listening to the president's speech it seems to me that the president not only loves ALL people, but he has now shown that immediate money and assistance is available to all evacuees. That speaks volumes alone that he is a man of passion and does what he means!" — Deric (Las Vegas, NV)

"Three of us watched Bush speech together tonight. Each of us feel that he provided specific goals and programs that the government has begun toward recovery. He made clear that while the government can provide resources, the actual project management will need to happen at the local level. Project management, I believe, will be the key to success." — Beth

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