How Did John Roberts Do?

John Roberts is now out of the hot seat. The Senate hearings are over and the Chief Justice nominee has been grilled on everything from abortion to separation of powers. How did he do? Would you approve his nomination? We want to her from YOU!

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"As a registered Democrat, I have been embarrassed by my party's representatives. They didn't ask questions to find out the thought process of the Judge when adjudicating cases. Rather, they posed their questions as statements meant to expose Judge Roberts as racist and anti-feminist without really allowing him to speak for himself." — Sue

"I am so sick and tired of Ted Kennedy! If I had his history I would have more pride and decency to question others. I believe Roberts had not only the right, but the obligation not to answer questions that he may have to deal with when he is, and he will be, Chief Justice." — Georgette

"Roberts did a fine job. He is a great American and will no doubt be approved, as he should be. I'm not so sure of him being Chief Justice, but that is another matter. I think that he will serve his country well." — Peter (Miami, FL)

"No matter what your political persuasions are, ask your self: At the end of the day, did you get to know Roberts better? Did you get the information you needed, from him? I don't think that any rational person (i.e. someone without an axe to grind) can say that they have. That is a shame and I blame the Senators (both Right and Left) for letting the American public down (again)." — Justin (Seattle, WA)

"A good job? He didn't do anything! For 90%, it appears he just nodded his head while he had to listen to the insufferable windbag Senators. His neck has got to be sore. How did he not just fall into a deep sleep when Schumer and Biden were rambling." — Gary (State College, PA)

"I am a Republican and I like Roberts but I still wanted the tough questions asked. Truly asked. He should have to answer. This is it folks. We don't have a say in the matter, there's no vote. We have to leave that to the ego-tripping blowhard Senators. Yeah, I'm sure that Schumer took my call seriously when I tried to reach his office about the hearings.The point is that Roberts should be held accountable for his past rulings and beliefs. I love how during an election for the presidency, both sides will moan about how a candidate's beliefs are important and then turn around and say that knowing where Roberts stands isn't. And I'm talking about my own party here. I think Roberts would do a wonderful job as Chief Justice, and he surely will. It's just that this whole process is a farce when elected officials fail to their job." — Sam (Tulsa, OK)

"Judge Roberts did great in the face of the stupidest questions and long winded Senators who grandstanded and failed to ask legitimate questions." — Jackie (New York, NY)

"I thought he did great. I would vote him in and I am certain he will be. The Dems were pathetic." — Joe (Phoenix, AZ)

"Judge Roberts did fine. But, we knew he would. I just pray that he will truly uphold the our constitution and not be a political pawn." — Henry (Bridgeport, CT)

"This was a joke. He will be passed. He will rollback this country to the dark ages and help this corrupt administration to further its evil agenda. Democracy as we know it is ending." — Kenny (Charlotte, NC)

"Roberts did great. He is a sure thing. He will be a wonderful Chief Justice. America is lucky to have such a man in such an important position." — Ross (Dallas, TX)

"How did he do? Fine I guess. It was all a waste of taxpayer's money. I am a Democrat and I was disgusted by Sen. Biden, Sen. Kennedy, and especially the non-stop 'I-love-the-sound-of-my-own-voice Sen. Schumer. What the heck were they thinking? Did they actually think that they were helping us as Americans understand where Roberts is coming from by taking up nearly all of their allotted time grandstanding? Ask a simple question! Put Roberts on the spot! That's why he is in that chair!." — Wayne (Chicago, IL)

"Why does he think that he should be Chief Justice? Why should a judge with little experience be installed over the heads of eight people with more tenure and experience? Isn't the chief justice slot something that should be earned, or conferred by your peers?" — Sharon (Carrollton, TX)

"He is a wonderful judge. He did great and will certainly be voted in." — Tammy (San Diego, CA)

"He did nothing. He told us nothing. He will undoubtedly be voted in. Despite my reservations and my calls to my longwinded Senator (Biden), Roberts will be approved. Very sad." — Johnny (Delaware)

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