September 9

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The head of FEMA (search) is taken off Katrina duty. Mike Brown (search), the Agency's embattled director is headed back to Washington... Will more high ranking officials soon take the fall for the government's initial response to the Katrina disaster? We'll have the latest!

Plus, as officials in New Orleans (search) go house to house, trying to convince residents to leave the damaged city they continue to meet with resistance. We'll talk with a New Orleanian who is vowing to stay put in the Crescent City.

And later, First Lady Laura Bush is defending her husband against charges of racism as the fallout continues over treatment of African-Americans in New Orleans. We'll hear from Mrs. Bush.

Also, with planes grounded and ships stuck at sea. What's holding up foreign aid that nations around the globe want to send for Katrina victims? Why is it happening? Who’s behind it? And will survivors ever get these life saving supplies? It's a special "Factor" investigation!

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