Guests and Topics: Sept. 9

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Friday, Sept. 9

We'll have the very latest on Hurricane Katrina's (search) aftermath in the Gulf states including LIVE reports from correspondents Molly Henneberg, Trace Gallagher and Laura Ingle in the region.

Then, as New Orleans officials encourage residents to leave to avoid forced evacuations, we'll ask civil rights attorney Michael Gross and FOX News legal analyst Peter Johnson if authorities have the right to force people from their homes.

Plus, here comes Hollywood with yet another telethon tonight — but are their efforts self-serving? And are they just pushing their own political agendas? We’ll debate with radio talk show host Michael Reagan.

And is Hurricane Katrina the worst natural disaster we have ever seen? And how does the American response compare to past natural disasters? We’ll talk with Simon Winchester, author of "A Crack In The Edge Of The World: America And The Great California Earthquake Of 1906."

Also, what is happening to all the pets left behind in Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath? We’ll ask Michael Mountain, president and co-founder of the Best Friends Animal Shelter.

Then, is it time for African-American leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (search) to put up or shut up? Some African American leaders are saying yes. We’ll talk with one of them: Rev. Darrell Johnson of the Center of Hope Foundation.

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