Setting the Record Straight

A lot of people have been asking what is my expertise to comment on how FEMA (search) does at a natural disaster.

They have noticed that I have jumped into the fray and have been mouthing off about how FEMA was doing here and passing judgment on the appointee of the president of the United States. Ok, fair enough. Where do I get the experienced eye of an expert to say these things?

Before I got into my mature years here at FOX, I was a street reporter in California for 20 years.

All I did in California was natural disasters.

I did earthquakes by the bucket load.

I did flooding by the ton.

I did mudslides galore.

I did endless wildfires burning down houses, whole towns, wiping people out by the carloads.

I have seen disaster response and I know disaster response and as Lloyd Bentsen (search) once said to Dan Quayle (search), when it came to New Orleans, "Sorry, this was no disaster response — at least not one you write home to mom about."

Sorry, it just wasn't.

Now I know this has become a political football and we're also supposed to choose sides — shirts and skins — choose your team, stick with your guys, no going over to the hated enemy. But in this case it's stupid to dig in your heels insisting everything was fine.

It wasn't — just wasn't.

So can we move on?

Ok, you don't want to move on.

So yes, I know.

The governor is a control freak who won't give up her National Guard.

The mayor is best suited for leading the preservation hall clarinet and coronet band at an old-fashioned funeral.

But it is not the president's job to be the national nanny for basket case cities who need their diapers changed. We expect him to be on top of things, sure, but he's got to delegate.

My point is that once he sees the delegate guy dropped the ball or was slow out of the gate, bang, send him off somewhere comfortable and get in a hard driving leader.

The choice of Gen. Honoree (search) was a good one. He inspired confidence immediately. He'd be a good candidate.

Gen. Honoree for FEMA director. Doesn't that sound good?

I thought you might agree.

That’s My Word.

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