Guests and Topics: Sept. 7

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Wednesday, Sept. 7

We'll have the very latest on Hurricane Katrina's aftermath in the Gulf states including LIVE reports from the region.

Enforcing a mandatory citywide evacuation, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin (search) has authorized law enforcement officers to move an estimated 10,000 residents who refuse to heed orders to leave. But how much force can authorities use to evacuate the city’s most stubborn citizens? And, why would anyone even want to remain inside these crippled, disease-ridden city walls?

Then, broken levees (search) turned this low-lying city into a massive lake as rescuers wrestled with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina (search). And though it came as no surprise that the levees could not hold out against Mother Nature's wrath, why weren't they fixed decades ago? We’ll talk to New Orleans Congressman William Jefferson.

And, evangelical relief agency Samaritan’s Purse (search) president Franklin Graham discusses his how his organization is aiding Hurricane Katrina’s relief effort.

Also, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich!

Plus, Greta Van Susteren reports LIVE from the region tonight!

Then, after the rescue and recovery effort is over, should we set our sights on rebuilding the Big Easy? Experts are saying ‘No.’ LSU Professor Craig Colten explains why some of the Crescent City should not be rebuilt.

These stories and much more on a special edition of "Hannity & Colmes"!

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