Day Two of the post-Labor Day Katrina (search) coverage and we have shifted into an interesting mode in our coverage. No longer are we talking about where is the aid. It's now more about where was the aid? The blame game was evident in Washington, D.C., but we also were conscious of a Gallup poll that saying under 20 percent blame the president for chaos and confusion afterwards. Once again, is the media telling Americans what to think and once again are Americans making on their own mind? Yes, at least according to most of the polling.

As for our show, the most compelling story came from the 6:45 a.m. ET Talking Point and our 7:15 a.m. ET guest. The president of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Kids joined us to talk about the 700-plus children who can't find their parent or guardian. Please go online and check out click on Katrina and see if you can help reunite these families. Doesn't it just kill you to know what these kids of all ages must be thinking and feeling? Once you click on the photo you'll get more details on the kid. On Friday, we'll show some of those photos during the show.

We also highlighted two high-profile helpers: Wal-Mart and Russell Simmons (search). The major chain is pouring dollars and jobs on the devastation and Simmons is using his great business instincts and contacts to put together major fundraisers, beginning Friday night on BET.

Attention, Mississippi: We have not forgotten you! Rick Leventhal has been telling your story. Sorry we did not get to him today, but we hope to have him live on Friday.

Side note: I am so disappointed that the NFL is leaving Green Day ("American Idiot"), Rolling Stones ("Sweet Neo-Con"), and Kanye West (search) ("George Bush doesn't care about black people") on their kickoff concert. It's time to call an audible and book entertainers who don't run down the country in their music and on our airwaves. And the people in New Orleans would love a chance to watch their team play in these tough times, so why the heck did they put the team in New Jersey in Week No. 2 rather than Texas or somewhere else in their state?

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