Political Storm Brewing?

Kids, calm down. Competence in getting bottles of water to people dying of thirst is not a liberal versus conservative issue.

It's not — really.

Michael Brown is probably a well-intentioned guy. He stood around being interviewed by Bill Hemmer Tuesday night knowing all kinds of people — including yours truly — are calling for his scalp.

I did. I wonder if he's actually still got his scalp. But he's wearing that ball cap, so I can't tell.

And I hate appearing to being on the side of the shrill and congenitally politicized Nancy Pelosi (search).

And I'd hate to think the White House strategy on this bruising they're getting over New Orleans is to say, "Brown, he's our guy, we're sticking with him no matter what."

Can't we just look at this thing and say, "Hey, FEMA's job is to give stuff away as fast as possible. Give away water, ice, tents, tarps, trailer houses, generators, whatever. Give it away to people who need it as fast as humanly possible."

Anybody who gets in the way of that, anybody who slows it down by throwing red tape into the mix or not understanding how fast things have to be done, that person should be dismissed, separated, axed, sent packing, fired.

I know the Democrats are trying to smear Bush by making what Michael Brown (search) didn't do into something bad George Bush did do.

And I know Democrats are just using this as yet another way to say they hate George Bush, he was never elected anyway, somebody should fire him, etc.

But why should that mean that any independent thinker should say, "Well, because the Dems are against him, I'm for him"?

That makes no sense. Why get married to incompetence?

I think the mayor and the governor should hold the bag, and I believe that will be the final verdict.

But while we're getting there, why are the rest of us seeming to defend the indefensible? What is the point except that it's now become a political game of dodgeball?

That's My Word.

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