Topics and Guests: September 2

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Mass evacuation! Uprooted from their homes, spread throughout the country and searching for a place to stay. What cities will take them in? And what happens to them next? Team FOX is live with the latest from the storm-battered region.

Join Greta live from the Houston Astrodome as FOX News continues its complete coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

We'll get live updates from:

• David Lee Miller in New Orleans, LA
• Anita Vogel in Kenner, LA
• Jonathan Serrie in Jackson, MS
• Molly Henneberg in Baton Rouge, LA

We'll get an update on the effort to restore order to New Orleans from Col. Henry Whitehorn, superintendent of the Louisiana State Police.

And, we'll take you inside the Astrodome, a sports arena that 15,000 people are calling home tonight — we'll show you what life is like for these evacuees.

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