Topics and Guests for August 31

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Food, water and supplies — the massive relief effort is underway to help those caught in the eye of the storm! Get the latest on "The Big Story."

Texas is offering some safety and security to the refugees of Katrina. Thousands of people who rode out the storm in the Superdome in New Orleans will now be bused hundreds of miles away to Houston's Astrodome. We'll get the details from Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas.

Then, how much relief will tapping into the U.S. oil reserves provide for sky-high gas prices? John Kilduff, senior vice president of Fimat Energy Risk Management, weighs in.

And, what needs to be done to fix the broken levees in New Orleans? We'll ask Bill Marcuson, director emeritus of Geotechnical Laboratory at the Waterways Experiment Station in Vicksberg, Mississippi.

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