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Tuesday, May 31
Behind The Lines
By Andrew Carroll
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Linda: Of all the war books being written right now, few are as personal and revealing as Andrew’s collection of soldier letters. This is fabulous.
Monday, May 30
They Just Don’t Get It
By David Hunt
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Friday, May 27
Invasion Within
By Domenick Maglio
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Linda: As a parent myself, I appreciated many of the arguments Domenick makes in this book about certain negative influences on the children in America. He is provocative, but he knows what he’s talking about, as the founder of a school.
Thursday, May 26
By Jack Coughlin
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Linda: This is a gritty, uncensored account of a Marine Sniper in Iraq -— excellent reading.
Tuesday, May 17
Everything Bad Is Good For You
By Steven Johnson
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Friday, May 13
First In
By Gary Schroen
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Linda: When I met Gary, he looked like the opposite of what I expected: he looks more like an accountant than a secret agent. But looks are deceiving, and his exploits in this book are riveting.
Thursday, May 12
Sneaking Into The Flying Circus
By Alexandra Pelosi
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Linda: Having covered presidential campaigns myself, I feel Alexandra really captures a great deal of the phoniness — and strangeness — that the public never sees.
Thursday, May 12
I Think There’s A Terrorist In My Soup
By David Brenner
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Linda: I am a big fan of David’s, not only is he downright hilarious, he is a gentleman and a really decent human being. This book will give you a great belly laugh!
Monday, May 9
Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich
By Lois P. Frankel
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Linda: I hope no feminists are upset by this title, because this is a smart and very useful book.
Thursday, May 5
The Story of My Life
By Farah Ahmedi
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Linda: Farah’s story belongs in a movie script — wow.
Tuesday, May 3
A Deficit of Decency
By Zell Miller
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Linda: Sen. Miller gives voice to something that so many parents are upset about — the decline of decency in America. Great book.

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