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Martial law has been declared in New Orleans, as water continues to rise, a major rescue effort is underway for much of Louisiana and Mississippi. Now emergency officials are just beginning to count the dead and figure out how bad the destruction is from Hurricane Katrina (search).

Then, most people take cover when a storm like Katrina comes barreling along, but not the professional hurricane hunter we’ll talk to on today’s show. Hear why he purposely drove into the eye of the storm...

And, just when we thought it couldn't get any worse — gas prices (search) will go even higher thanks to Hurricane Katrina halting oil production in the Gulf. We'll tell you just how big a dent to expect in your wallets.

Plus, President Bush (search) commemorates the 60th anniversary of the victory over Japan and he has some words for our troops today. We’ll have the details.

Also, what caused the increase in hurricanes this season? Is it global warming? And have there really been more hurricanes or just more television coverage? A fair and balanced debate on today’s “DaySide.”

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