Brad Cares for Angie's Kids in New York City

It's Brad the dad!

Brad Pitt (search) showed off his parenting skills in New York Monday as he tenderly cared for gal pal Angelina Jolie's (search) adopted son and daughter while she filmed scenes around town for her new movie.

Carefully holding the hand of Maddox (search), 4, with his left hand, he cradled Zahara (search), 7 months, in his right arm, gently cooing to the girl to make her smile.

And to make certain she had plenty of nourishment, Pitt kept a baby bottle filled with warm milk tucked into the right back pocket of his jeans.

It was a heartwarming scene that is bound to further infuriate his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston (search).

She was granted a divorce this month for "irreconcilable differences" -- after filing a petition earlier this year when Pitt reportedly took up with Jolie during their work on "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."

But if Pitt, 41, has any regrets, they sure weren't in evidence Monday.

He effortlessly babysat both youngsters like an old pro as Jolie shot the CIA drama "The Good Shepherd," opposite Matt Damon.

It seemed like the kids are starting to accept Pitt as their father -- and that he's really digging it.

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