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A new border protection plan. Can it really work? The debate heats up on "The Big Story."

California could be next in declaring a state of emergency over illegal immigration. Republican lawmakers are putting the pressure on Governor Schwarzenegger (search) to take the same action Arizona and New Mexico did about the surging violence at their borders. They've proposed a bill that would give the governor the power to do so. We'll get the lowdown on the bill from Sen. Bill Morrow, R-Calif., one of the lawmakers behind the proposed legislation.

On the other hand, not everyone thinks there are urgent problems to take care of at the borders. Douglas, Arizona, is one of the nation's busiest gateways for illegal immigration, but its mayor thinks immigration is a good thing! Mayor Ray Borane joins us.

Then, the Kalpoe brothers are, once again, back in custody in the Natalee Holloway case. A third person who's said to be a friend of Joran van der Sloot's, the Dutch suspect currently in custody, is also arrested. We'll get the latest from FOX News' Greta van Susteren, host of "On the Record."

So what do these latest arrests mean for the Aruba investigation? Former D.C. homicide detective Rod Wheeler weighs in.

Plus, streets flooded, homes darkened and trees fell as Hurricane Katrina (search) plowed across South Florida before emerging over the Gulf of Mexico early Friday. Four people were killed, a family of five is missing at sea and more than a million are left without power. Will Katrina get worse? Team FOX is live with the latest.

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