Iraqi Exit — If Not Now, When?

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President Bush faces increasing calls to get out of Iraq now, but refuses to do so. He and his supporters view it as more than Iraq's liberation, but the battleground for a titanic struggle between the West and Islamic terrorists.

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"It’s very simple when we leave. It’s when we have achieved the goals set out by President Bush time and time again, when the freely elected government in Iraq can protect its citizens and start down the road of prosperity as is available only in a free society. This sounds like the goals our nation has had every time we have entered into conflict." — Mark

"We will NOT leave until Halliburton has made ENOUGH profit on this war!" — Tom (Pasadena, CA)

"What kind of example would that show the world? That America can't see a mission through? That America can't do what's right (no matter what you thought of the reasons for going)? We must stay the course. It will only benefit all who stand for freedom." — Jake (New York, NY)

"Bush has answered this question a thousand times. We will get out when the Iraq’s can defend itself. There is no definite time we are not signing an end of war document on board the Missouri. Geez, how many times does the man have to say this to make the news media understand? I got it the first time he said it." — Chip

"Sadly, we will not leave until it has cost America even more lives and more billions of dollars. All the while, our so-called Homeland Security will continue to be a joke. Bush lied about the reasons for war. He and his administration simply out-right deceived the world (far more impeachable than Clinton's idiotic tryst. Look I am a Republican, but I am simply sickened by how Bush fails to take responsibility for his mistakes. Enough! Bring our men and women home. We need new leadership like McCain and we need to refocus our efforts here at home!" — Sara (Mobile, AL)

"I believe the U.S. should finish what it started. Regarding leaving Iraq, it should happen about the same time we pull out of Germany, Japan and South Korea." — Carla (Bradley, CA)

"We shouldn't even be there now for Christ's sake. I am no bleeding-heart liberal either, mind you! I am so angry that Bush has squandered the world's support after 9/11 and then misled the American public about Iraq. Now we are stuck there. We needed to be dealing with the REAL threats from North Korea, Iran, China, Pakistan, Syria, just to name a few. I say pull them out and re-deploy them!" — Max (Dallas, TX)

"We will never fully pull out of Iraq now. Bush has made certain of that. I think we need to stay the course, but get new leadership here at home!" — Alex (Seattle, WA)

"I believe that the United States should get out of Iraqi as soon as possible and bring our people home. The Bush Administration invaded that country. We do not belong there. Our people should be brought home." — Betty (PA)

"If we pull out of Iraq, every new despot maniac from now on will know that they can do as they please. There will be not one country in this sick world that will make the sacrifice to take a stand. God help all the defenseless (and us) when there is no one who will protect them. We can then only hope that we can get our collective head out of the sand before someone slits our throat." — Terry

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