Katrina Has Her Way

Aug. 27, 2005 10:27 a.m.

I thought I smelled Cinnabon in the Delta terminal of MIA ... and there it was. I thought about extra icing then went against it. They give you a knife and fork, but you really have to feel the icing burn against your fingers. Cold, whole milk to wash it down. All the things you're not supposed to do you can do, because you're covering a hurricane.

This will be our second crack at Katrina. As she makes her way over the Gulf, we have had time to go back home, empty one bag and pack another.

I brought goggles this time and some new rubber shoes that claim to be odor free, something sneakers certainly are not after a hurricane, which was clear to all when I peeled mine off for my usual SSSS security check.

I tried sandals, but they don't grip well enough when the wind gets high. They also tend to stick in the mud during the aftermath. Biscuit has fancy Nike water socks and I'm sure a lot of other fashionable gadgets, which he will enjoy discoursing on.

Next stop PFN, which if you know your airport symbols is Panama City. [ed. note: Join Team FOX coverage of Hurricane Katrina as it makes its second landfall with live updates on evacuation and other safety measures from New Orleans, La., Gulfport, Miss., and Orange Beach, Ala. Plus, get the very latest on Katrina's track and strength from the National Hurricane Center, FEMA and the FOX Weather Center.]

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We watch you all the time-Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico and getting drenched and blown around in Florida. Keep up the good work-and be safe!

John & Shirley

Steve, come on up this way and stay at our house. We are a skip to the beach and 4,000 square feet of house. The only condition is you have to feed our cats if we evacuate. If we don't, this would be an interesting and first-ever "day in the life of" a family during a hurricane.

David & Tania


I absolutely love your story telling!

Towson, Md.


Stay dry over there. Hurricane Charley kicked my butt last year. My business in Port Charlotte was closed for five-and-a-half months. I'll have some beers and watch you on TV this weekend.



Couldn't get more live than crouched in Afghanistan with bombs dropping... Those were the good old days when I thought you were short.

Donna in Kansas

Thanks much for your reporting from the U.S.-Mexico border and Mexico City. It's about time this story has reached Middle America. 43 Americans kidnapped in Nuevo Laredo??? Why isn't that the Biggest News Ever??

My husband and I have discussed many times about the risk all of you take to give the news to us -- the good, the bad and the ugly. You sacrifice much time that could be spent with your family and friends. But somehow I believe you thrive on getting to the heart of the matter for yourself. We trust you, Steve, and just want to say thanks to you, your family and FOX News. Job well done!

Leon & Sarah
Jackson, La.

Wow... Your ability to "joke" with people is off the charts! I imagine a situation like that doesn't present itself very often.

Woodlands, Texas

Steve: I have always liked your way of reporting, for you tell it like it is. I would like to see you hold an interview with Vicente Fox.