Topics and Guests for August 21

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Saturday, August 20

Tonight, FOX News presents "The Pizza Bomber Mystery." It was a crime that shocked the nation — a 46-year old pizza deliveryman, armed with a homemade shotgun and crude bomb, robs a bank in Erie, Pennsylvania.

He is quickly apprehended, but this is only where the story begins. As he sits handcuffed on the ground, he claims the bomb was locked to his neck by an unknown assailant who forced him to rob the bank and follow a macabre "treasure hunt" in a desperate attempt to stay alive. But before the bomb squad can arrive to defuse the device, it goes off, killing him instantly. In the next four weeks, two more people linked to the case would die — one body is discovered hidden in a freezer, the other expires in bed.

Now Geraldo brings new, never-before-seen information to light, including a video confession and an eyewitness the FBI had previously overlooked. It's a story everyone remembers but few really know.

Sunday, August 21

For months the “At Large” team has been following the horrific story of convicted child molester and now convicted killer Joseph Duncan (search), who single-handedly destroyed the Groene family when he abducted 9-year-old Shasta Groene (search) and murdered her younger brother, Dylan. This week, Geraldo investigates Duncan’s checkered past and talks to former LAPD homicide detective Mark Fuhrman about his trail of terror. Plus, dad Steve Groene shows exclusive new pictures of his daughter, Shasta, as she fights to recover from her harrowing ordeal.

And, the mystery behind Natalee Holloway's (search) bizarre disappearance has captured headlines since she was last seen in Aruba in May. Now, we’ll take you behind the scenes of this international investigation to see how authorities are handling the leads and evidence as they continue to search for the missing teen. We’ll talk real-life CSI with forensics experts Dr. Michael Baden and Dr. Larry Kobilinksy.

Plus, we’ll hear from Natalee’s mom, Beth Holloway Twitty, about the new search efforts underway in Aruba.

Then, the billion-dollar narcotics market reigns terror over a small Texas town as two Mexican cartels fight for control of Nuevo Laredo (search). Just how much does drug smuggling affect the region? Find out when we take you to one of the most dangerous border towns.

And, illegals are streaming into our country at an alarming rate, but how are they doing it? Who's helping them? And where are they ultimately headed? We’ll show you Sean Hannity’s exclusive patrol along the Mexico-Arizona border with the Minutemen (search).

Plus, we’re live and around the world with the very latest in the war on terror.

These stories and much more!

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