Are YOU an Extremist?

FNC wants to know what YOU think

Agree with Pat Robertson's call to kill Hugo Chavez? Think Michael Moore reports accurately? Think Terri Schiavo was aware of her surroundings? Think everything Bush has done was all bad or all good? Then Bill says you are an extremist!

Step into O'Reilly's "Extreme Zone" and take the quiz. And don't miss The O'Reilly Factor weeknights at 8pm / 11pm ET.

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Check back to find out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Exactly! This is what suppresses regular rational opinions. There is always someone ready to stomp on your views because they can't see any point other then their own extreme one." Mark
"Hey Bill, I can only say yes to about half of the questions you asked in your extremist list. So, does that make me a moderate extremist, a latent extremist, or a half-baked extremist?" — Gigi (Oak Creek, WI)

"It is my humble opinion that the rise of blatant extremism is part and parcel to the apparent blind acceptance of political correctness in this country. There have always been fringes of crazy folk on both the Left and Right. But it seems that more people are being polarized because of the backlash to PC thinking. And in my opinion it's time for the majority of Americans to stand up and SPEAK OUT!" — Clark (Newman, IL)

"NO I am not an extremist. I believe we need the borders controlled, the illegals deported, a time limit for protesting the war, pro-choice for rape victims, incest victims and people who were on double birth control that failed. Free speech doesn't mean 'talk first and think later,' like Pat Robinson." — Colleen

"So Bill, are you saying that President Bush is an extremist? Because chances are, he agrees with himself on everything he does! We have on our hands a logical fallacy." — Taylor (Knoxville, TN)

"Extremist? If I'm considered an extremist because I think America would be better off to get rid of a Communist thug (Chavez) who loves Fidel Castro and supports Al Qaeda and Bin Laden by paying them one million dollars right AFTER, yes right AFTER, Sept. 11th, then fine! I will PROUDLY wear the extremist label." — Brian (Elmore, OH)

"No, I am not 'extremism.' It appears that I am a 'well balanced all around woman!' There is usually good and bad to everything at one time or another. One just needs to listen, watch and make an informed decision on everything and everybody. In other words, research and think for yourself!" — June (Louisville, KY)

"Bill is right about his extremist definitions; however, some things are right and some things are wrong no matter what people think. There are absolutes, which has been ignored in these times of relativism. Those with extreme views are rewriting facts, truths and history; that is wrong no matter who is doing it. Nowadays, pervasive liberalism from Democrats, main stream press and extreme judges are seen as okay and those who oppose this are labeled as extreme right-wingers and such. Anyone who stands against the grain and puts out truth and fact are put down, ridiculed and tarred and feathered. Hooray for Mr. O'Reilly for pointing out what has been going on for too long in the shadows." — Michelle (Jenison, MI)

"I am indeed, and here's just how extreme. I believe all the illegal aliens in this country right now should be rounded up and given a fair choice. 4 years in the military (survivors given citizenship), or 24 hours to get the hell back where they came from. As for my personal politics, I'm somewhere to the right of Attila the Hun. Prove that you are worthy of being a citizen of the USA, or scram! What’s more fair and balanced than that?" — Bob (Woodbridge, VA)

"Of course I'm an extremist, Bill. America is a nation of extremists. We all have wildly weird and wildly varied ideas. The difference between an extremist and a terrorist is the terrorist ACTS on his crazy ideas. For instance, there are times when I believe certain traffic violations should be capitol offenses, but I'm not about to act on it! Should someone who has great influence in the public sector watch what he says? Absolutely. Say for instance, a televangelist?" — Lloyd (Lancaster, OH)

"I'm almost an extremist! I agree with Robertson's statement, don't agree that Moore reports accurately, believe that Terri Schiavo was aware of her surroundings, believe that MOST of Bush's decisions have been good, but not all. But then, who/what gives Bill O'Reilly the right to determine who is and isn't an extremist!" — Darlene (Rochester, NY)

"I say Bill is right on whether one is an extremist or not. Frankly, I agree with everything he said. Maybe I'm extreme because I agree with him." — Michael (Lexington Park, MD)

"Bill, don't you think extreme situations create extremists? You may call them extremists, but I believe these people are the ones who ring the alarm of awareness." — Mel (Parlin, NJ)

"Extremism occurs when emotion suborns logic. Logic and facts cannot win emotional arguments. Emotional reactions include shouting which is the effort of a disadvantaged mind to express itself. An open mouth often indicates a closed mind." — Robert (Torrance, CA)

"Why would someone with a passion for the TRUTH be called and extremist? Michael Moore is a traitor to this country and should be thrown out. Pat Robertson simply forgot to use his inner monologue and said what we all want, out loud. Terri Schiavo was murdered by her husband. You can't spin the truth!" — Jan (Las Vegas, NV)

"We are all, including you Bill, extremists in some way. Where would we be if we didn't have any strong viewpoints at all? Our beliefs are a part of our individual survival code." — Patricia (Villisca, IA)

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