Stern in Hot Water With FCC, Again

Howard Stern's (search) longtime nemesis, the FCC, could soon turn into his best pal by taking action that would grant his fondest wish — getting the shock jock off regulated radio before January 1.

Stern, who's scheduled to debut on bleep-free Sirius Satellite Radio (search) next year, has been heavily censored by Viacom's Infinity Broadcasting (search) ever since it paid $3.5 million last year to settle the latest round of indecency complaints.

As part of a consent decree, Infinity agreed to immediately suspend any DJs who receive formal Federal Communications Commission (search) complaints in the future — even before any internal investigation.

Stern revealed on Wednesday that the agency is considering a new formal complaint based on a February show that featured, according to an unofficial FCC fact-finding letter, porn stars, sex toys and the simultaneous singing of "Amazing Grace."

"I pray to God the FCC hands down a fine against this station for my broadcast in February so that we can see them enact this ridiculous policy," Stern told listeners yesterday on New York City's K-Rock radio station.

"Steve (Infinity lawyer Steve Lerman) might say, 'You know what, we don't think this is indecent or obscene. We aired it and we think it's fine.' No. They're going to suspend me no matter what. No matter what!" Stern railed.

He says he does not want to broadcast on a station that would censor him. But because of contract issues it's not clear whether, if he's suspended, he'd be able to go to Sirius earlier than scheduled.