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Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson suggested on-air that American operatives assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to stop his country from becoming "a launching pad for communist infiltration and Muslim extremism."

"We have the ability to take him out, and I think the time has come that we exercise that ability," Robertson said on the Christian Broadcast Network's "The 700 Club."

Was calling for Chavez to be "taken out" the right thing to do? Do you agree with Robertson's statement?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Someone needs to get Pat Robertson medical help." — Barbara

"Robertson just laid down his cards and gave his opinion on how to deal with a tyrant. he is showing me exactly who he is and how he feels. I have total respect for a man like that. Chavez is garbage and it is time to take out the trash before it smells up the place." — Steve (Portland, OR)

"I don't understand why people take Robertson seriously. He has said off-the-wall statements before. He will never influence foreign policy." — David

"Yes, I agree with Pat and please don't stop there! Make a list of all the enemies of this country, foreign and domestic and take them out to." — Adrian

"In an era when all the nuts seem to be coming out of the woodwork, this ranks right near the top. If anyone was considering assassinating the leader of a country, how stupid is it too talk about it in the public media? Now, if Chavez gets whacked by anyone, even one of his own countrymen, everyone is going to be suspicious of the U.S. Nice going Robertson. Think maybe it is time to retire?" — George (Carmichael, CA)

"I think what Pat Robertson said has been misquoted. He said we have the ability, not go and do it. He said that would be cheaper than an all out war. It's really not a bad idea though." — Jeannie

"Robertson showed what a phony he is. The Bible says 'thy shalt not kill.' There was no misunderstanding what he meant. He should apologize and resign." — Sherman (Birmingham, AL)

"Pat Robertson speaks the truth. Chavez is a danger to the US and others. I just wish that our leaders had the intestinal fortitude to follow his lead." — Devi (Hunter, NC)

"How can he call himself a Christian and say something like that? He needs to come down from his privileged cloud and get a real job. He is a scary man, a wolf in sheep's clothing, and we have too many of those around." — Mike (Houston, TX)

"It just goes to show how crazy some people on the religious right are getting. Can you imagine your preacher calling for the assassination of somebody? So much for being credible about being a right to life man." — Steve

"Religious extremism is dangerous in any case whether it is Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. To kill someone because they do not share your particular belief system should be condemned by all thinking people." — Doug (Coloma, MI)

"I can't believe these people who don't see the danger in Chavez. I can't believe people have a problem with Pat Robertson saying what he did. Besides, that's what God's going to do on Judgment Day, Chavez will be gone in a heartbeat." — Murray (Comfort, TX)

"I think someone should take out Robertson!" — Jimmy (Phoenix, AZ)

"Pat Robertson deserves a medal for saying what we all know and to cowardly to say. Go PAT! God Bless You! I don't think I've seen a bunch of political crybabies like we have now. Lord help us!!" — Sharon

"Assassinating Chavez might dispose of an irritant, but eliminating irritation does not cure the underlying disease. America's enemies are intent on a great deal more than causing irritation." — H.T. (California)

"I think the man has lost his damn mind. Unfortunately, he is a public figure representing Christianity. He is making the rest of us who have not lost our minds and are Christians look very bad. Thanks Pat." — Arwen (Philadelphia, PA)

"Yes, indeed. I agree 110% with the televangelist's statement. It was refreshing to see and hear a well-known figure to tell the truth regarding Hugo Chavez whose alliance with Cuba's tyrant. Fidel Castro is a real threat to the future of the Americas. Everyday Castro receives a great deal of Venezuela’s oil thanks to Chavez's generosity due to his platonic love affair with Castro's damned revolution." — Mercedes (Royal Palm Beach, FL)

"I applaud Chavez for standing up to Bush and refusing to be bullied. And as for Robertson, the man is old and out in left field. Looks like he's trying to get his face out in the limelight again. I burst out laughing when I read what Robertson said. Time to hang it up Pat. You're not effective and if I read my Bible correctly, you're doing exactly what the other side wants. There are a lot of people out there that have more worthwhile and positive thoughts then this yahoo." — Diane

"Yes, I agree with Robertson. Chavez is an evil, ruthless dictator. He constantly blasts and threatens the U.S. and others. If people only knew details about what he has done and is doing, they would feel guilty letting him, and people of the like, continue to waste oxygen. It’s the same thing with Saddam." — Jason (Jacksonville, FL)

"How many other political and military leaders have THOUGHT the same thing and yet lacked the courage to SPEAK it aloud? May God give wisdom to our leaders. Pat Robertson spoke his mind only. He is not handing down orders. We leave that to our elected. Oh please, military leaders, be brave and true!" — A. (Georgia)

"Does Rev. Robertson hear himself speaking at the same time we do?" — Ron (Princeton, MN)

"Chavez should be removed from power with, as the old saying goes, extreme prejudice." — L. (Atlanta, GA)

"As a Christian, I find Pat Robertson's latest diatribe disturbing. As a human being, I find it frightening." — Lewis (Tucson, AZ)

"I am an American, born in Cuba, and since I know what will happen in the future and have experienced, first-hand, what Hitler-like dictators have done with their countries, I applaud what he has said. I say better late than never too!" — Margarita (Miami, FL)

"No, he should not have publicly made that statement, but I believe the U.S. is fighting for our very (economic) life with the likes of Muslim extremism, Castro, and Chavez." James "Who's got the list? I have a few other names to go with Chavez's!" — Steve (Texas)

"These statements by Robertson only confirm what I've thought all along about these religious phonies and the Right-wing hypocrites. They all try to come off like they are "Christ-like," and then turn around and are doing the exact opposite." K. — (Manteca, CA)

"Although his statement hits you between the eyes, I do believe it is thought provoking. Upon consideration of past statements from Chavez and his anti-American sentiment, Pat Robertson's suggestion is something to consider. My son-in-law was born in Venezuela. He has become an American citizen and is serving his second year in Iraq. Most Venezuelans believe in America and our way of life. I do not believe Chavez represents the majority of Venezuelans." — Vickie (Liberty, KS)

"Yes! Pat Robertson was not only within his rights to speak out the way he did but he was TOTALLY CORRECT in so stating. When we pulled Hussein out of his rat hole we should have shot him in the head and been done with it. Being politically correct gets OUR PEOPLE killed." — Sandy (Bamberg, SC)

"I agree with pat. I'm sure our government does to. That just can't speak out about it. Also there should be nothing done to pat. This is a free country. You hear all these anti-war nuts talking about doing things to President Bush. Nothing is ever said." — C. (Cornelia, GA)

"While I like the idea of offing Chavez, I am diametrically opposed to airing the opinions of a religious crank. Our administration would be far better off distancing themselves from the religious right (or any other religious direction). In summary, then, it's too bad this was Robertson's idea." — Tom

"I fully believe and am now praying that Robinson's 700 Club is pulled off the air waves! How can you justify Pat Robinson, his so-called ministry or his programming after he encouraged, and actually called for and condoning MURDER? Commandment #6 YOU SHALL NOT MURDER. PAT ROBINSON NEEDS TO STEP DOWN!" — Mike

"I am confused by one of my Christian leaders. I look up to these people to help me with my walk with Christ. It is not my place to judge another man's heart. I can only pray for Mr. Robertson and President Chavez that we all are accountable for our own lives here on Earth." — Mike

"Even though I agree with Mr. Robertson on the fact that Mr. Chavez is a bad-influence (to put it mildly), that does not excuse a so-called Christian man to incite, not only murder, but sin as it breaks one of the Ten Commandments." — Ivelisse

"I am appalled at the suggestion of assassination coming from the mouth of a Christian leader. As a Christian myself, I understand that murder is not the way we are to eliminate our adversaries. The bible clearly tells us that the battle is not ours, but it is the Lord’s. Rather, we are to pray and let God handle it as he sees fit. Pat needs to put into practice what he’s been preaching. Such comments from a man held in such high esteem by many in this nation and other parts of the world is sad." Candy "Pat for president!! Chavez needs to be taken out now!" — Jack (Houston, TX)

"Religion is best left to the religious and politics is best left to the politicians. For all we know, Robertson's thoughts may have already been in process. Now, we'll never know." — Xavier (San Fernando Valley, CA)

"Robertson is a prime example of why there is separation between Church and State! What a nut job. Just think that he probably wasn't saying what was really on his mind! Yikes!" — Kenny (Shelby, NC)

"We need to quit being a bunch of pansies. We have to eliminate the threat before the threat affects American lives. Why do we always wait for the loss of life before we act? I believe in peace, however, there is a time and place for everything under the sun. I say go for it!" — Sally

"I completely agree with Robertson’s statements. It is about time someone steps up to the plate and says what many of us are thinking. Always being politically correct is not going to keep us safe in the world of today! I believe it is time we stop caring about whose feelings we may hurt and just do what need’s to be done!" — Banning (Hollywood, FL)

"Wow! And he's a 'man of God?' Way to go pat." — Yolanda

"I find it amazing that a religious figure call for an assassination, oh wait, many Islamic leaders call for death to infidels." — Harry

"Robertson sure is religious by calling for an assassination. Last time I looked, wasn’t 'thou shalt not murder' in the Ten Commandments?" — R.R.

"Why don't we ask Mr. Chavez if promoting and executing terrorism is the Christian thing to do? The Bible does not promote dictators who are murderous and terrorize. It is about time that more people stand up and unite against terrorism." — C. (Arden, NC)

"What would Jesus do? Apparently, He’d put on face camouflage and crawl through the shrubbery to take out Mr. Chavez. If Robertson says it's so, evangelicals should believe it, right?" — Jon

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