Make Mine a Double ... With a Storm Chaser

Aug. 25, 2005 1:38 p.m.
Hollywood, FL

I stepped into a bar on the beach looking for a hot dog. The deli was open, but did not look clean. The bar glass was dark, but the sign advertised grilled hot dogs, so I thought that would be all right. It's important to eat before a hurricane because you might end up working straight through. Fortunately the dish guy had not found the satellite yet so there was time to eat.

I stepped through the smoked glass doors into the dark world of the BU Bar. As my eyes adjusted the cool A/C hit me, then the music. At noon guys were playing pool to my right and drinking to my left. Four guys at a long wooden bar, eating fried shrimp, drinking large glasses of beer, reading the papers, looking at any one of the TV screens with sports or weather. A young woman in a halter-top took my order; two hot dogs with mustard. She asked if I wanted a drink while I waited. “No thanks.”

The day was gone, the storm was gone, inside this dimly-lit, glass-chilled bubble with beer, TV, pool, screens, newspapers, and company. I waited standing and looked over at the four at the bar. Four who had no rush to do anything, they occasionally watched storm news on one big screen. Behind that screen, behind the smoked glass, just 100 yards away was the surf. You could see the waves for yourself if you got up and walked through the glass outside. And all the while, above the crack of pool balls, the screens, the rustle of papers, the comments, was the song "I used to love her, but I had to kill her." I listened, standing. Yes, it was Guns 'N Roses. I looked at the men with nothing to worry about, I got my plastic bag of hot dogs, and walked out.

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Stay dry over there. Hurricane Charley kicked my butt last year. My business in Port Charlotte was closed for five and a half months. I'll have some beers and watch you on TV this weekend.



Couldn't get more live than crouched in Afghanistan with bombs dropping...Those were the good old days when I thought you were short.

Donna in Kansas

Thanks much for your reporting from the U.S.-Mexico border and Mexico City. It's about time this story has reached Middle America. 43 Americans kidnapped in Nuevo Laredo??? Why isn't that the Biggest News Ever??

My husband and I have discussed many times about the risk all of you take to give the news to us - the good, the bad, and the ugly. You sacrifice much time that could be spent with your family and friends. But, somehow, I believe you thrive on getting to the heart of the matter for yourself. We trust you, Steve, and just want to say thanks to you, your family, and FOX News. Job well done!

Leon & Sarah
Jackson, Louisiana

Wow...your ability to "joke" with people is off the charts! I imagine a situation like that doesn't present itself very often.

Woodlands, TX

Steve: I have always liked your way of reporting, for you tell it like it is. I would like to see you hold an interview with Vicente Fox.