Topics and Guests for August 19

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Merck (search) is feeling some pain over its popular painkiller Vioxx as a jury finds the drug-maker liable for the death of a Texas man and orders the company to pay $229 million in punitive damages.

How big an impact will this ruling have? We’ll ask Peter Johnson Jr., FOX News legal analyst; class action attorney Jerry Reisman, and Judge Andrew Napolitano, FOX News senior judicial analyst.

Plus, the Merck verdict and another pop in oil prices derails a Wall Street rally. We’ll take the market’s temperature with Tom Adkins, founder of; Patricia Powell, president of Powell Financial Group, and Tobin Smith, president and founder of Change Wave Research.

Then, three missiles were fired from the port city of Aqaba: Two toward U.S. Navy ships in the harbor and the third missile landed near an airport in Israel. Is this a sign of things to come? We’ll ask former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Are you worried about your golden years? Author Ben Stein explains how you can still retire comfortably on today’s edition of "Your World with Neil Cavuto."

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