There's a 'Chance' for Denise and Charlie

Nary a week goes by without those unnamed "friends" of "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen (search) and wife Denise Richards (search) blabbing about the estranged couple to one of the tabloids.

Well, Monday night's "Extra" gets the scoop straight from the horse's mouth — Sheen himself.

"There's always a chance for [a reconciliation] as long as two people are still in the game," Sheen says. "I talked to [Richards] this morning and I told her I'm going to do this interview and she had asked me not to reveal too much ... whatever the future might deliver, we both embrace ... we're not ruling anything out. We're both just trying to be the best parents we can, the best friends we can."

Richards filed for divorce from Sheen, citing irreconcilable differences, in March. The couple, who married in June 2002, have two children.