Marc Cohn Recalls Terrifying Shooting

Grammy-winning singer Marc Cohn (search) says the bullet that lodged in his temple as he rode in a car after a Denver concert earlier this month seemed like "an abstraction" until he heard the footsteps of his alleged assailant and saw his own blood.

Cohn, best known for his song "Walking In Memphis," was heading back to a hotel after performing at the Denver Botanic Gardens (search) on Aug. 7 when he was shot during what police say was an attempted carjacking. Cohn told ABC's "20/20" program that he recalls the van's windshield shattering around him and the blood.

"It was all over my hands. And my clothes. And I realized I was the one who'd been hit," he said. "Every second that passed by, I thought, 'That's the last one. That's the last second I'll be here.'"

He added: "Please don't let me die," he thought. "I have children. I have a wife."

Cohn, who is married to ABC News anchor Elizabeth Vargas (search), had a bullet removed from the skin beneath his right temple. He was released from a Denver hospital a day after the attack.

"This is not something you just sort of go, 'Oh, got carjacked and shot, all right, move on,'" Vargas added. "You don't just move on."

Joseph Yacteen, 26, has been charged with attempted murder in the case. His girlfriend has also been arrested for allegedly helping him try to avoid capture.

Authorities say the bullet fired into the van grazed tour manager Thomas Dube before hitting Cohn.