Topics and Guests for August 14

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Sunday, August 14

Is convicted sex offender Joseph Duncan (search) a serial killer? Seattle Police are investigating whether Duncan is responsible for the deaths of two sisters whose bodies were found in 1998. The target of a wide-ranging criminal investigation involving cases in four states, Duncan is currently being held on charges of abducting 9-year-old Shasta Groene (search) and killing her mother, brother and another man. King County Sheriff Sue Rahr and former LAPD homicide detective Mark Fuhrman join us with the latest on this breaking story.

Then, go inside the dangerous, sometimes deadly world of a female escort when Geraldo investigates the case of murdered 17-year-old prostitute Catherine Lucy (search). Former prostitute Anne Bissell talks candidly about living the dangerous life of a high-priced hooker.

And, new searchers arrive on the Caribbean island of Aruba to look for Natalee Holloway (search). But is the investigation getting stale? We'll ask searcher Fred Golba where they're planning to scour the island next. And, what will investigators learn from evidence that’s almost three months old? Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden and former detective Mark Fuhrman weigh in. Plus, Beth Holloway Twitty will be here.

Also, a teenager who helped shoot and kill five people during a schoolyard rampage is released from jail. Should Mitchell Johnson (search) walk free after gunning down four classmates and a teacher at Jonesboro Middle School? We’ll ask Arkansas state representative Dustin McDaniel. And after spending just seven short years behind bars, the community and the nation wants to know, was justice served? We’ll talk to Whitney Irving, who was wounded as a sixth grader on horrific day, and we’ll introduce you to Mitchell Wright, whose wife, Shannon, was killed in the attack.

Plus, did a Catholic school ignore a teacher’s “bizarre and irresponsible behavior” for months? That what the attorney representing a 17-year-old Christian Brothers Academy (search) teenager claims happened when instructor Sandra Beth Geisel (search) had sex with four students from the Colonie, N.Y. school. The student’s lawyer, John Aretakis, and CBA attorney Mae Dagastino go head-to-head in a powerful debate you’ll see only on “At Large.”

Plus, we’re live and around the world with the very latest in the war on terror.

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