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"Cindy should go. She needs to go home and get some grief counseling. She is becoming a huge nuisance to Crawford and taking headlines away from the actual war in Iraq. She seems mentally strained, I feel sorry for her. She can't have anymore to say that can't be sent in a letter tot he president, the media, or her congressman. At this point, she risks becoming a stalker if she can't start, in earnest, to learn to heal." — Debbie (Columbus, GA)

"Cindy should stay until Bush invites her in for a personal visit or until his twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna, volunteer for service in harm's way." — Sharon (Littleton, CO)

"I think she’s made her point. Enough already!!! Now it’s getting ridiculous. Obviously her husband has had enough." — Tina (Topeka, KS)

"Cindy Sheehan is a hero. Her conviction of the rightness of her stance and her determination to honor the memory of Casey are truly inspirational." — Mary

"Cindy Sheehan needs to return to her home. How about all the other mothers that lost their sons in the Iraq war? Does this mean that President Bush must meet with all 1,800+ families that lost their loved ones? Of course not, this is getting ridiculous and all that are in Crawford, Texas protesting need to go home." — Don (Bountiful, UT)

"She has the right to be there, though. I don't agree with her. I think she should be held liable for any disturbance of the natural piece of the area. The size of the protest should be limited by local law." — Jerry

"She should go. Her son signed up for the military. This is a possible consequence of being in the military field. It's plain, simple and logical." — Ramona

"I think Cindy should stay put and continue asking the questions that many of us simply want to avoid. In reading Mr. O’Reilly’s talking points about the honesty of Mrs. Sheehan, I have to laugh out loud at his comment (paraphrased) that she should just be straightforward and honest since the American people can tolerate disagreement but not dishonesty. Sounds like good advice for President Bush and his administration, but I have no hope that he (or his blind supporters at your network and others) would ever admit to that. My message to Mr. O’Reilly: Don’t expect me to be blind just because you want to keep your eyes shut." — Debi

"She should leave. She is obviously not speaking from the heart; only encouraged by the political left. It is really sad to see. Everyone understands how she feels." — SCV (River Vale, NJ)

"She should stay. She's got it right. The president is in our service. If Bush can send young Americans to die, forfeiting the rest of their time on God's earth, then he can darn well spend a few minutes explaining to the mother who brought one of those brave young Americans into the world. As his military service record shows, Bush is a coward. Now a lone woman has called him on it and he can't step up. I had my doubts about what the liberal media said about him, and I had my doubts about opposing Iraq while we were in harms way, but he put us in harms way, and if he can't explain himself, he shames us all. Lincoln penned some of the most eloquent and honest response to the mothers of lost soldiers during our nation's most difficult time. We need a leader of character, not Bush." — Matt

"She should go home. She is being used by the Right to bring down Bush. She is a put up job!!" — Don (Folsom, CA)

"She should go! Words fail me in trying to express my disgust and contempt for this woman. Her poor son's memory is now besmirched by the lunacy and slander of this nutter. She is a disgrace to us all. Her poor family." — Richard (London, UK)

"Bush has time to ride bikes and collect money, but can't talk to Cindy Sheehan for five minutes. He could silence his critics by being a leader and speaking to her privately. He acts like he has no concern for soldiers and their families. He has fun on his ranch while soldiers die everyday in Iraq. Then some lame press release about staying the course. Step up to plate George, and take some responsibility for your actions." — Chata

"Cindy Sheehan’s protest has become more about promoting herself than the issue of the war or the death of her son. It seems that Cindy has become addicted to being the national celebrity she has become. She is relishing being in the spotlight and will hang on to that celebrity as long as she can." — Robert (Clarksville, TN)

"Sheehan should get some grief counseling. Her grief has become anger, and anger never settles anything. She should stop and think about how her son would feel about her behavior. The military is the choice he made, knowing what the result could be, and he never tried to run from his convictions. He's a hero, but his mother has become an embarrassment to her son's memory." — Deb (Toledo, OH)

"Bush should explain to the American people the real reason he sent our forces into an unprovoked war against another country. It's clear he has lied about the official terms to take us into this war, it's time to tell the truth to honor those who sacrificed for their country." — Dave (Atlanta, GA)

"I think she has made her point and should leave Crawford. I am sure she's in a lot of pain having lost a son but I don't think she's accomplishing anything by staying there. We still have troops in Iraq and we need to support them; and I think her staying there is counter productive and could even be used as propaganda by the insurgents (aka terrorists)." — Carol

"Keep on trucking Cindy! Bush is showing his true colors by his unforgivable coldness. He said that he has to 'get on with his life.' Why does he take a five-week vacation every August? He is the president for Christ's sake! He actually thinks of the job like he is the CEO of America, Inc. He has more reason to be impeached than any other president in the history of our country. Yeah, it must be hard for Mr. Bush seeing how it was only in April that he had his last vacation. He says that he grieves when he hears of men and women dying in Iraq. That is as true as the reasons he gave us for going to war to begin with. He has abused his power long enough! Keep strong Cindy! More Americans should join her!" — Maria (Brooklyn, NY)

"I think that it is sad that political activists are using Sheehan to further their causes. Aside from the death of her son, the most tragic part of this is that when these activists are done with her, they will drop her and she will be left all alone with her grief. Hopefully she will get some support from people who truly care about her, rather than those who only care about their cause." — Anne (Overland Park, KS)

"I think that Cindy should thank God for the time that she had with her son. He knew the risks that he would have to face and take, when he joined the armed forces. She should respected his decision and celebrate his life, rather than make a mockery of his death." — Emily (Holland, NY)

"I think Ms. Sheehan should 'stay the course.' Bush should understand that more than anyone since he preaches it almost daily. I, too, would like to know if Bush has encouraged his own daughters to sign up for the 'noble cause' our country is fighting for? At the very least, he should at least talk to the woman and address her concerns, instead of hiding and sending his staff to talk to her. It doesn't speak much for his compassion for these soldiers that are dying everyday over there." — Sherry

"There is nothing more devastating than losing a child. I lost my son in a car accident and whether it's fighting a war or an accident, a piece of your heart is gone forever. Cindy's son signed on the dotted line; therefore, she should have scolded her son for joining the military. I wonder if terrorists came and bombed her and her families’ homes and raped and shot her relatives if she would just turn HER cheek and not fight back! If President Bush talked with her, he would have to talk to parents who loses their son or daughter and is protesting the war. Cindy Sheehan is not anymore special than everyone else who is mourning the loss of their children! Go home, Cindy, and write some letters to our men and women who are defending our freedom every day!" — Cindy

"Cindy Sheehan needs to stay where she is. She hasn't been brainwashed by anybody. She wants your King George to come out of his hidey-hole and tell Cindy what noble cause her son died for. After all, Bush lied about WMD, and the 9/11 Commission said there was no connection between 9/11 and Iraq. So all you right wingers please march your sons and daughters down to the local recruiters office and enlist them so they can go fight in Bush's phony war. It's blood for oil. It's the ones that won't fight for their country that are promoting this lousy war." — T. (London, UK)

"Cindy Sheehan is a disgrace to the United States and to herself. I'm sure her son didn't feel the same way she does. Mrs. Sheehan is only being used to promote the causes of people like Michael Moore. How disgusting that through her grief, she cannot see what this is what has happened to her. I feel sorry for Mrs. Sheehan, sorry for the loss of her son, and I believe she needs professional help to ever be able to deal with her loss. She will never sway my belief in our president, our government, and most of all, our fighting men!" — Cecilia (Lexington, KY)

"Bush actually said that he was sorry for Ms. Sheehan but that he had to 'get on with his life.' Unbelievable! This is outrageous and disgusting. She should go home and feel proud that her son died for an honorable cause. She is being used by the radical left and it doesn't impress us at all." — Ruth (New Mexico)

"Not only should Bush explain to her why her son died for his so-called war, he should meet with the families and loved ones of the over 1,850 who died for Bush's agenda." — Beatrice (Durham, NC)

"I think Ms. Sheehan is merely a figurehead for the latest episode of liberal left antics." — Richard (Pensacola, FL)

"Sheehan should absolutely continue her protest until Bush either talks to her or goes back to Washington. I'm glad someone has the guts to stand up to this miserable administration and the fiasco they have created in Iraq. 1800+ lives lost and many more ruined, and all the money wasted that could have been better used to make our country safer! Keep the faith Cindy!" — Steve (Morrisville, NC)

"Although I feel empathy for Cindy Sheehan's great loss of her son, I think she should go home and honor his memory by not being a anti-war protester. As it is, she is showing the world that she believes he died in vain. She is making a fool of herself and should just go home. I am embarrassed for her. Joining with the forces of the Left is just ludicrous. She is being used." — Rebekah

"I only wish I could join Cindy Sheehan in Crawford. I have two sons that are of legal age, but have so far convinced them to stay out of the military, especially with Bush in office and his hunger for aggression to act like a big man!! He acts more like a baboon in my opinion." — S. (Garland, TX)

"I don't support her views, but it's a free country. I do wish the president wouldn't be so insensitive and would apologize for his comments about needing to 'move on with his life.' I support our troops, their efforts in Iraq, and usually the president. But I am watching how he handles this very closely. He needs to admit his mistakes more often and offer Americans more humility and honesty. He is in the service of all Americans. He owes us that. I also think he should refrain from all of his vacation time. He has far too much work to do. Take a break sure, but five weeks? His actions are speaking louder than his words. His poll numbers are slipping. I have hope for Bush." — Jake (Houston, TX)

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