9/11 at the Movies — Too Soon?

FNC wants to know what YOU think

Nearly four years later, several 9/11 TV and film projects are in the works. Do YOU think it's too soon?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"I live in New York City and yet even now I do not fully understand the significance of that day and the profound effect it has had and continues to have on my life and the lives of my fellow New Yorkers and countrymen. Although, living in New York City makes it impossible be in 'denial' and to stick our heads in the sand. A film about 9/11 will just be composed of the shadows of the events of that day and be like other images on the screen. The people who have suffered the damage and our society is still grappling with the truth about the brave new world we face in the years ahead." — Madeleine (New York, NY)

"I do not feel it is too early to tell this terrible story of how the U.S. intelligence agencies failed their country. It is a grim reminder that we need to pay attention to our surroundings and the actions and threats made by fanatic groups that want to destroy our way of life. If you forget why we are fighting terrorism abroad, this will remind you why we do what we must do to prevent this from ever happening here again. Additionally, we must foot the bill to give our intelligence agencies everything they need to undercover these murderess vermin and destroy their evil plans. Show and tell that terrible tale, least we forget!" — Thomas (Brooklyn, NY)

"I think it depends on what the storyline is, what the story is about particularly, and how it's handled. If it's done right, I think it could be a good thing. However, I didn't know anyone that died in the tragedy. Victims' families may think differently." — Laura

"I think it should never air because it will just opening old wounds again. Let these people rest in peace." — Dale (Evington, VA)

"ABSOLUTELY NOT! These films and shows are just another way for the 'Blame America' crowd to re-write history with their liberal spin-doctors in HELLYWOOD. Remember, it was terrorists that killed our citizens and not President Bush!" — K.

"No. It is not too soon to film movies about America’s greatest assault. Too soon we forget unless there are films and books and news stories there to remind us. My only objection would be that if the producers of the movies were to put the spin on the fault and paint Americans as the bad guys. Those who attacked us on 9/11 are just pure evil personified." — Ron (Owensboro, KY)

"A mini series about 9/11 is NOT necessary. We know what happened. Why put families of loved ones who died in towers through it again?" — Jim (Buffalo, NY)

"The film is a great idea. People have lost touch and perhaps become a little immune to what happened on 9/11. I think anyone who has forgotten the impact of that day and how our world irreversibly changed, will be jolted back to reality. Reality check people! They want us all dead!" — Teresa (Albuquerque, NM)

"I believe it is too soon for the grieving families but not too soon for the rest of us who are becoming war weary. We need something to jar our consciousness and get us to remember what we are in Iraq and Afghanistan for. We need to renew our resolve to eliminate Usama bin Laden and his henchmen from the face of the earth. Iraq has become the battleground between the terrorists and us. We need to use this opportunity to eliminate as many of these jerks as we can so they can't come here and bomb us on our own soil." — Norbert (Lorain, OH)

"No, it is not too soon to release films/documentaries about 9/11. They will serve as a gruesome reminder to all that the enormous loss of life and the evil behind that loss must never be forgotten. Perhaps it will serve to get the anti-war protestors off their high horses and allow them to see first-hand what it is we are actually fighting to prevent in the future." — Lisa (Columbia, SC)

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