Value Voters

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Can Democrats revitalize the spiritual Left by wooing "value voters?"

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"It's hard to fake someone out when they already know the truth! The Democrats will try anything I suppose." — Robyn (Duncan, OK)

"Democrats need to make a strong case for secularism instead of apologizing for it. We have seen how religious self-rightiousness can lead to fanaticism and the invasion of the rights of others. The Muslim fanatics are so egocentric as to believe they will go to heaven for committing mass murder. I do not want people who self-servingly call themselves religious telling me what my values should be or denying me my freedom because in their sanctimonious opinion it is ungodly. Government should be the dominion of the mundane and churches the spiritual." — Madeleine (New York, NY)

"The answer is NO because the left's leaders have no patience with Godly people. Unless a MIRACLE takes place, there will be no TRUE revitalization of the spiritual left! What you are hearing from the democrats now is their usual BLAH BLAH BLAH!" — Carol

"Our nation's true spiritual leaders were NEVER Republican. Look at Martin Luther King, Jr. The history of Republican leaders leaves you with a tragic trail of racist, sexist bigots (even up to Trent Lott!). The Republican Party has always stood for the rich and has never cared about the poor and disenfranchised. The religious Right truly think we should live in a theocracy where church and state are one. They are just as nuts as the Muslim fanatics. So, the wooing is just politics as usual. But if Jesus were around today, he'd more likely to vote Democrat than Republican that's for sure!" — Andy (Charlotte, NC)

"Democrats can woo all they want. The fact remains that the democrats are for higher taxes and immorality." — Joe

"It will be difficult to claim “religion” when you endorse the abortion of millions of babies and the removal of all religious symbols from schools and government properties. I am not sure how the deeds of the anti-religious are going to translate into religious values. Democrats better continue trying to tell their lies to undermine religion like they always have instead of trying claiming it." — Rick

"Democrats aligned with values? Surely you are joking!" — WEA (Bismarck, ND)

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