UK Terror Hunt

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Are the Brits doing a better job of Homeland Security? Should America take notes from Scotland Yard?

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"Scotland Yard is doing a fantastic job at homeland security. Are they doing a better job than the U.S.? Maybe, but that's only because no one is whining that their are being violated. We need to worry about our safety more than anyone's rights. If you have nothing to hide, why are you whining?" — Sue

"It would certainly appear that Scotland Yard is out performing our homeland defense department. Probably due to the Brits being more concerned with their personal and national safety than with personal privacy." — Bob (Spring, TX)

"There seems to be a difference between our Homeland Security and the British. Scotland Yard isn't afraid to conduct racial profiling. Brits probably don't have the ACLU breathing down their necks." — John (Atlanta, GA)

"I think the British police are doing an outstanding job. British policy in the recent past has been to do nothing about Muslim clerics who advocate violence. Now, I understand they'll take action against them. In USA, we still are not profiling the most obvious suspects. When are going to stop being stupid or PC?!" — Don (Langley, WA)

"The British are awesome. It is incredible that they have found these suspects in such a short amount of time. It's too bad we didn't use their tactics after 9/11. They are setting a standard in homeland security, and we need to follow it." — C. (Bethesda, MD)

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