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JULIE BANDERAS, GUEST HOST: Welcome back. It was a great day for little Shasta Groene (search). Yesterday, the young girl, who was brutalized by serial killer Joseph Duncan, was honored for her bravery and surviving her ordeal. Hundreds of people packed a park in Idaho yesterday to show support for Shasta and another little girl who was the victim of an attack. Organizers hope this event helped the community heal in the wake of this horrific crimes witnessed by these two young children.

Next week, Geraldo will be joined by Shasta's father who will show us never before seen photos of his daughter since her return home in an "At Large" exclusive you don't want to miss.

But first, the trail of blood on the hands of this man, Joseph Duncan (search), the man who molested Shasta and killed her mother and brothers, new evidence tonight shows Duncan's orgy of death spreads far beyond the damage inflicted to the Groene family. A partial fingerprint has connected him to the murder of this boy, a young boy in 1997 killed. And now, even more murders seem to lie in his wake. And get this — now his attorneys actually want to block police from asking Duncan any more questions that might link him to these other murders. Joining me now from Seattle is King County sheriff Sue Rahr, also joining us from Spokane, Coeur D'Alene press reporter Dave Turner and former detective Mark Fuhrman.

Welcome to all of you.



BANDERAS: Mark, let me start with you. Your prediction was right on that Duncan was connected in the Groene case, that he was somehow involved in those murders, not just the abduction of the two kids. So let me ask you this, is Joseph Duncan a serial killer?

MARK FUHRMAN, FORMER POLICE DETECTIVE: Oh, absolutely. There's no — when I discovered, just exactly how he stalked the Groene family, there was no doubt in my mind that all of this time out we have, since 1994, he has been out eight years and we see all of the places that he's traveled. He's certainly not doing this for employment. What is he doing? He is searching. He is a predator. I mean the ultimate predator. He is very complex in the way he stalks people. And there's no doubt in my mind we're going to have a string of kids behind Joseph Duncan.

BANDERAS: And what's even sicker, he is cold. He is calculated, which certainly backs up that serial murder title.

Sheriff Rahr, when did you start looking at Duncan for the murder of these two other young girls, ages 11 and 9?

RAHR: We began looking at him shortly after his arrest. Like most other police agencies, when we have a crime of this nature, we immediately look at our cold cases to see if there might be a link.

BANDERAS: All right, so Sheriff Rahr, we know this: there is this encrypted journal that Joseph Duncan wrote and I just want to read it real quick — "Should it be cracked, the world will know who I really was and what I really did." Well, we know what he's done. I mean basically, he was convicted of rape — for the rape and torture of a 14-year-old in 1980, charged last year for molesting a 6-year-old, now being questioned in the death of another boy in L.A. or in California rather, and formerly charged with four murders. So clearly, this guy seems to fit the profile of a serial killer if he is guilty of these crimes.

RAHR: Well, that's one of the reasons we're looking so closely at him.

BANDERAS: OK, Dave, what have your sources told you about this investigation? You have been very close to this case.

TURNER: Well, every time we see something more about Joseph Duncan, there's more stuff that you just can't believe. We understand that when he admitted to the FBI (search) about the Riverside case, that he also talked about the Seattle case. Apparently, he didn't know the girl's names but he had enough information for them to link him, at least that he had knowledge of this case. And as far as I understand, they don't have any physical evidence yet to tie him to it.

BANDERAS: And Dave, how helpful has Shasta Groene been in this whole investigation?

TURNER: She has — I think that probably without Shasta, the case would have taken a lot longer, and they — my sources tell me that eventually we'll find out how much closer that authorities were with just physical evidence. But I think that this case would have lasted a lot longer. Next week, we're going into his arraignment where he'll be pleading guilty or not guilty to these charges, and a six-month window for his trial will start then. But I think without Shasta's testimony, this case would be a lot further down the road.

BANDERAS: Mark, what do you think about this encrypted journal? In it, he writes, "I'm not a bad person. I just have a disease contracted from society, and it hurts a lot." I don't have sympathy for the guy. What about you?

FUHRMAN: Well, I don't have any sympathy. I have very few — you know I have very little sympathy for any of these people.

When you look at this in this statement of this encryption or — is he playing a game, one, is the information in this encrypted document. Well, that's one question I have. The second thing is he creating alibis and the possibility for insanity. At the same time, he is pleasing himself writing about these crimes. There's another thing. Who else is involved? We forget a businessman in North Dakota. We forget a doctor that was in San Francisco. And you see all the driving that he did.

You know you referred to him as cold and calculated. I don't think we really understand how cold and calculated. I think the value of Joseph Duncan talking is extreme for law enforcement and for profilers because this man is truly a sophisticated predator. He's not just seeing a kid and snatching them. He is actually patient and calculated and vicious. And then the worst part is he doesn't let them go. He kills them.

BANDERAS: Sheriff Rahr, how do you deal with a sicko like this? You got - - you've got somebody who's potentially attached to these two murders of the young girls who we were just talking about. So how do you link the two?

RAHR: Well, the most important link we need is physical evidence. He's made some statements but he hasn't confessed to us yet. We've got to focus on the physical evidence right now so we can prove an irrefutable link.

BANDERAS: All right, Sheriff Sue Rahr, Dave Turner, thank you for coming in tonight.

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