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NASA incurred a huge setback after grounding future shuttle flights because a chunk of insulating foam flew off the Discovery's fuel tank during liftoff — as it did in Columbia's doomed mission. This time, the foam missed the spacecraft. Read the latest.

Bad Discovery?

A tremendous setback for the shuttle and America's space program. Watch the video.

Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Stop manned space travel because of danger from unforeseen design flaws? You have got to be kidding me! Where would we be if this is the way people had always thought?" — George

"Absolutely not. Fix the problem and move on. What has happened to the spirit of exploring the final frontier? The people making the missions should decide that. The astronauts know better than anyone else the risks involved. Where would America be today without all the knowledge gained in space exploration? I guess we will apply the same reasoning we used to eliminate vintage playground equipment." — Debbie (Singapore)

"In light of all the setbacks due to problems that where said beforehand not to be a problem, and after all the time and money that was spent in trying to remedy all the previously demonstrated non problems: It is safe to conclude that NASA is a bumbling overblown bureau, that has become too large and overstaffed, to effectively do anything right. The Shuttle is far too complex a machine to operate efficiently or safely, and should have been redesigned years ago. That being said, it is obvious that NASA has been, and continues to be a burdensome money pit for the taxpayers. — Mike (Pulaski, TN)

"I think that we shouldn't shut down the space program, but we need to rethink the design of how the space shuttle is built. Obviously there is a problem with the foam tiles and it needs to be addressed once again. We spend too much money on our space program, but it's a fascinating operation. I'm not sure what the purpose of the space shuttles are now, but we need to rethink what we are going to be doing in future space travels and where we want it to take American astronauts." — Bonnie (Tucson, AZ)

"Everything that advances us creates a risk. Where would we be if nobody took risks? We wouldn't fly, we wouldn't have electricity, and we wouldn't even live in this country. As long as people are willing to take risks (even at the expense of their own lives) the wonders will never cease." — Mike (Portland, OR)

"There's no way we should permanently grounded our space travel. That would be a huge mistake. We need to discover all we can. We need our military’s help, and our government needs to stop hiding information that they have. Our people can handle what may or may not be out there. NASA should only keep things quite that would be a put the America in danger." — Tabatha (New York, NY)

"We not only should, we shall continue on. The only problem with the foam is that it is environmentally correct. Fix it then move on." — Kristine

"I think it's time for NASA to move forward and redesign space travel as we know it. I wouldn't want to be strapped to a hydrogen bomb to launch into space. Also, I wouldn't want to depend on a failed heat shield system for my ride home." — Richard

"The space shuttle program should not be grounded. NASA should realize that they cannot 'PIMP MY RIDE' with the shuttles and continue to send them into space. New shuttles are needed in order to continue the program." — D.P. (Dallas, TX)

"If God wanted mankind to fly, he would have given us wings like birds. It is a waste of time, money and, sometimes, lives!" — Robyn (Duncan, OK)

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