Over-the-Counter Abortion?

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Should pharmacists' moral beliefs dictate what prescriptions they dispense?

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"If a pharmacist owns his own business, he certainly should have the right to dispense what he wishes just as a shop owner sells what he wishes. If a pharmacist has an employer, then he must dispense what he is told or find someplace else to work. I personally would not willingly or knowingly dispense such a thing." — Trista (White Plains, NY)

"If a pharmacist's beliefs will not let him dispense a certain drug, I'm sure there is another on in the building that will. What's the big deal? I wish people would leave other people's beliefs alone. This is a free country remember? Freedom of religion?" — P. (Southwest City, MO)

"Although this is a difficult question to answer, I do believe people should not be forced to do what their God given convictions are against. We do have a free country and the rights of even if it is a minority of pharmacists who believe this way, should we not honor their convictions? Government is not to make any law prohibiting the free exercise of religion." — Scott (Waukegan, IL)

"It is free country. If you don’t like what your pharmacist caries or doesn’t carry, find a different one." — Art

"The only obligation that pharmacists have to their patient is to FILL the prescriptions WITHOUT making ANY comments; the time for comment is on their own time!!! How dare they tell me what to take when to take it and when not to take it! I as a woman do not go to my pharmacists to dispense any advice he or she should have enough brains do the same!! If I need advice I would go to someone more qualified than my corner pharmacist." — Helen

Mary (Florida Keys)

"Many Pharmacists are in large chain stores or self-employed. They should be allowed to refuse service to anyone for any reason. Furthermore, what's wrong with finding another pharmacist? The answer here is to take your business elsewhere." — Sharon (Lakeport, CA)

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