Nuke 'em Back?


Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) told a radio show host that the U.S. could "take out" Islamic holy sites if Muslim fundamentalist terrorists attacked the country with nuclear weapons.

An Expert's Answer

"We must realize we're not at war with terrorism but with militant Islam." Watch the video.

"Divided By God"

Could the U.S. see deadly religious extremism? Watch the video.

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"Absolutely not. However, I think it would be reasonable to take all of the top sites (including the Dome of the Rock and Mecca) hostage until such time as the Islamic world has effectively crushed the terrorist movement." — Brick (Chesapeake, VA)

"I could not agree more with the congressman. I am a survivior of the 9/11 attack on NYC. These looney-tunes keep rationalizing murder, rape, torture, and the veritable slavery of women by citing the Koran and Islamic scripture. They sacrifice their own children as suicide bombers and honor their fanaticism as martyrdom. The supposed 'moderate' Muslims say little if anything at all to condemn this behavior outright. There is always that great big 'but' in the middle of their comments. I say hit them where it hurts. They obviously care little for their children, their women, their own right to freedom or a decent future. Nuke Mecca and Medina and they may finally figure it all out!" — Ann (Ozone Park, NY)

"Good for him for saying what was one his mind. Can any of us say the thought hasn't crossed our minds as well? As a non-violent person, I'm sorry to say I've thought about it and probably a lot worse. People in this country and in this world better realize that these radical nutcases want us all dead. They don't want to negotiate. They don't want to live in their part of the world and we live in our's. THEY WANT US DEAD! I believe that we now live in the most dangerous time the world has ever known." — Benita

"Tancredo for president!!!" — Tim

"Just the words 'nuke Mecca' are adding fuel to the extremist fire. We need to show that, Yes, we are a force to reckon with. However, going bonkers with nukes is exactly what they want. The crazier we get, the more anarchy they create, and the more they win. We must show and keep showing that we are strong AND compassionate. That we care about Muslims, and don't just want to 'crusade' them back to the dark ages. After all, in the end, true Muslims are NOT perpitrating these attacks. Islam is merely an excuse they are using to create fear and anarchy. Has anyone bothered to pick up a copy of the Koran and read it with understanding? Has anyone thought to themselves, gee, there are Christian terrorists too, (IRA in the 80's)? Probably not. The Koran can be used as a tool for extremeisim along with the more violent parts of the Bible and Torah. As intelligent people we must understand that anything can be taken out of context and used for an evil purpose. It is our intelligence that will defeat the terrorists, and although they do help, bombs alone will not fix this problem.

It seems that Mr. Tancredo needs an education about who is actually killing people around the world. If terrorists were yelling out 'In Jesus name' then blowing themselves up would he nuke every church and assasinate the pope? Maybe he should go and learn about true Muslims himself. He would hopefully see the light of truth. I have personally known several Muslims who were some of the kindest, and most honorable people I have EVER met. Compare that to the Catholics and Christians I know and have known, who, for the most part are jealous, hipocritical, and totally involved in thier own set of denials and lies. Muslims are not the enemy. Ignorance and jealousy are, and have been for centuries. We must get beyond petty differences and ignorance and help each other, Muslim, Christian, or whatever. We all live on this little dirt pile for a time, let's make it a nice dirt pile instead of a land fill." — Don, Retired U.S. Army (Hopewell, VA)

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