Media Frenzy

Hope you enjoyed another action-packed week on “FOX and Friends.” It began with the return of the shuttle Discovery (search) and ended with an interview with the astronauts. In between we covered controversies from The Rolling Stones (search) anti-American song and their place with the NFL, to the Brits busting their crazy clerics.

I am amazed at the media frenzy around Cindy Sheehan's (search) quest to talk again with President Bush about the loss of her son in Iraq. Casey, her son was killed in April and soon after she met with and was quoted to have been happy with the president’s attitude as he offered her condolences. Now, she is making her stay in Crawford a huge vigil to pull the troops out of Iraq. It’s causing her family, including her grandmothers, aunt and godmother, to say she is using her son’s death to fuel her anti-war agenda and gain promotion. Other grieving parents have lined up against her saying it sullying their kids’ service to run down the cause. Either way, the president addressed it head on and seemed, as usual, to legitimately feel the pain of the rattled parent.

And, by the way, reports suggest that Al Qaeda (search) wants to hit us again on this 9/11 or in the vicinity, but I am heartened to learn that Special Operations are really on a mission and have a detailed plan to get the high value A.Q. leaders. Read The Washington Times and find out why one day we could get up and learn Usama bin Laden is a free man no more.

Behind the scenes, we welcomed Paulina back from her second wedding (same guy) from Poland and Hardy enjoyed week one of normal sleeping hours. We are one of the shows that really likes and needs interns to help out and each day we seem to be saying good-bye to another, so gradually we are getting back to our lean, mean staff. Next week Steve goes undercover to see what it’s like when a hard-working American dad goes on vacation. His report, when filed on our show, will allow him write the entire family-oriented work assignment off — unless an IRS employee reads my blog.

We had some fun with Chris Wallace (search) today and even discussed the impact of Costco's decision to sell Picasso paintings on the same Web site you can purchase Firestone Tires. By far the biggest e-mail topic was the Rolling Stones and the NFL's decision to leave them in place for its Kickoff Celebration. Hopefully they will sober up and get a band that does not run down our country, our president and our mission to win the War on Terror.

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