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"While I am not a member of any faith and best described as agnostic, I do not object to teaching the possibility of intelligent design. It is important to present all sides of an idea. It is also important to teach our children to reason. We should also provide a greater stress on teaching the American Culture and lesser emphasis on the subordinate cultures in our country." — Robert (Torrance, CA)

“There is no value to ‘intelligent design’ at all. As a private citizen, in a private setting, Mr. George W. Bush has the right to say anything he wants to say, but not as president nor at taxpayers expense. Government's business does not include the dissemination of ideas, but only to uphold and protect the individual rights of its citizens.” — Robert

"I agree with President Bush. There are two sides to everything and creation is something that needs to be taught as well as evolution." — Nancy (Cincinnati, OH)

"It's really interesting to me that liberals, secularists, or whatever name you want to give them are 'open-minded,' 'tolerant" and 'willing to accept' every idea, concept, or behavior in the world EXCEPT for anything that might have to do with Christianity or even just the belief that there is something bigger than themselves out there. They don't want Christianity 'shoved down their throats,' but I'm gagging and choking on the politically correct agenda of the past 20 years. For the most part, Christians are the 'silent majority' because we know what we believe and who is really in charge, therefore we have peace." — Judy

"Well heck, if the far right Christians can come up with a so-called theory, then I want to have my theory of creation taught too! We all came from aliens from the Planet X! Come on people! What the heck is going on with people coming up with such unscientific junk? Give me a break. Intelligent Design is far from intelligent. Heck, it's not even science! If people in Kansas want to continue living in the dark ages, fine. But keep it out of my public schools. I don't want my children to be exposed to any religious bias. Not with my tax dollars! Next thing you know these nuts will be saying that the earth is really flat and that witches should be burned at the stake." — Cindy (San Diego, CA)

"What really is Intelligent Design? If we were created in God's image then I am really scared of God. Humans are very scary. I prefer evolution. Everything has a beginning. Are we so vain we cannot accept that our beginning was probably no more unique than any other species on the earth? Are we doubting God's intentions for the human species and his time line? Faith in God and goodness is what gives us hope. What is wrong with small beginnings with the hope of great redemption. Since so much about evolution is proven fact, fact is what should be taught. Religion should always be an elective subject for those who wish to learn about other beliefs and views (not only Christian, but all religions)." — A.

"I know of no other scientific theory that has not been drastically modified, if not completely dispelled, than evolution. It is about time to use new evidence and discoveries to challenge this 150 year theory of creation." — Victor (San Marcos, CA)

"Intelligent Design? I'm sure some of the supporters of this so-called theory would like to believe that a woman came from the rib of a man. The Bible is NOT a scientific or pure historical document. Men with bias pulled together these beautiful stories and fables. Evolution is not a mere idea that has gone unproven. To believe that is pure ignorance. And a president should never prescribed to such nonsense." — Ed (New York, NY)

"I agree with President Bush. Evolution has never been proven as FACT. It is a theory and should be taught as such." — Wendy (Middle River, MD)

"Well if we believe in Intelligent Design then we haven't evolved that much to begin with!" — Samantha (Hickory, NC)

"I have to chuckle at the folks that say teaching intelligent design is teaching religion. I have studied both and there are so many gaps in the evolution theory that it takes more faith to believe in evolution than it does in Christianity. The point- Evolution is a religion hidden behind a veil called science." — Jerry (Virginia)

"Yes, I do agree with President's Bush support of intelligent design. I find it ridiculous that we teach evolution in public schools. God (higher power) created all and God continues creating the world. Evolution is bologna, just like the 'Earth-is-flat' theory. Why do all the evolutionists deny us freedom to expose both sides?" — Helen (Townsend, DE)

"Look, I am a religious person but it is laughable the name 'intelligent' design is being used. It's more like ignorant design! How amazingly stupid do you have to be to say that evolution is not science. It's as if these religious fanatics want to revert back to the Salem Witch trial days. It is truly hysterical to hear uneducated people claiming they know evolution is phony and 'Intelligent Design' is fact. What is terrifying is that the leader of the free world supports it. God help us." — Jake (Memphis, TN)

"I agree that both evolution and creation should be taught in school. Creationists can go to church and thank God, and Evolutionists can go to the zoo and watch to see if any of the monkeys are evolving." — Ann (Grand Rapids, MI)

"Intelligent Design is just a way to teach religion. Can proponents of ID provide scientific evidence that ID is what occurred? Maybe we can start teaching kids that the sun goes around the earth and we are at the center of the universe." — Steve

"Yes, I support the President's suggestion. If we are truly educating our children then we should be teaching them critical thinking skills, which develop when we seriously and thoughtfully consider both sides of an issue. 150 plus years of evolutionary theory has produced no solid evidence to support this nonsense, yet our educators, and I use this word lightly, refuse to seriously consider alternatives. Throw it all out on the table and let these starving intellects decide for themselves which one supports the facts. Put politics aside for once and let reason rule, please, for the benefit of our children." — Steven (Austin, TX)

"We all have the ability to see patterns. Causal patterns. Nearly all are wrong. The ones which are correct follow a pattern of first, having a mathematical structure that is self-consistent, second, having physical evidence for the reality for the idea, and third, this mathematical model must contain a recommendation for disproof, a suggestion of how this idea, this model could be disproved. Creationism offers none of these. It is based entirely on belief. For this 'belief' to be taught as a fact is a grave mistake." — Charles (Norman, OK)

"As far as GOD vs. science goes, God will win every time. I know were I came from and were I am going when I am finished here on earth God has made a plan for us." — Terry (Dixon, MO)

"There is no problem, there is just ignorance! The pitiful thing is that people haven't looked at the facts, just followed their emotions on this issue. Too bad, it's everybody's loss." — Ron

"It's just not true that scientists oppose intelligent design. Many do oppose, but many thousands of scientists support intelligent design. The news debates keep putting preachers against scientists, but many well-accomplished scientists believe in intelligent design." — Doug (Oberlin, KS)

"No credible scientist would support the so-called 'intelligent design' theory. It's just a belief. It is not scientific theory; it is a masked version of creationism. Why is it masked? It is updated to worm its way into the public schools. It's an underhanded way for the religious right in this country to force their beliefs on others. Why? Why do they continue to try to force their narrow-minded views within government policies? It doesn't seem very Christ-like to me. Intelligent Design is an oxymoron. Someone will just have to explain what that word means to Bush." — Ed (Boston, MA)

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