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WOW! So many viewer e-mails on the ACLU requesting the Abu Ghraib (search) pictures to be published... Almost all of the e-mails were against the releasing of the pictures, but one had a different view. Here's what a few of you had to say:

Year after year, the ACLU (search) seems to care more about their "cause" than they do about the first word in their name, American. There's only one reason to release additional photos of Abu Graib — further embarrass our troops and the administration. It serves no good purpose other than the ACLU's relentless destruction of all good things in America. Whose side are they really on?
—Marilynn, Orange, California

I'm always puzzled as to whom the ACLU believes they represent — the American people? I suspect that outside of a very small fringe element, Americans overwhelmingly agree that further release of those photos is not worth placing a single soldier's life at risk. The defenders of our constitution are those bearing today's burden in Iraq, not the ACLU. It costs the ACLU nothing but time and money to pursue their agenda, it may cost us something far more valuable — one of our soldiers or Marines.
—Mark Bowlin, Corpus Christi, Texas

I believe the ACLU is wrong to once again open this can of worms so that those that hate us have more ammunition to use against us. Abu Ghraib does not represent what the USA is about, but when it is put on the front pages it becomes what is wrong with the USA in the eyes of our enemies.
—Sharon, New Baltimore, Michigan

I’m an ex-Army reservist. I just got out of the army a year or so ago. Your guest who wants the Abu Ghraib pictures released because of “open access” would recklessly put my life in danger if I were in Iraq right now. It’s bad enough we are getting killed by terrorists in the Middle East (search) but why are people in America so blasé about putting us in danger? I guess to make this administration look worse? Your guest made me angry because he was willing to sacrifice my life for political points.
—Jason, Long Island, New York

And finally...

I understand that publishing these pictures could incite more violence, but aren’t we being a little hypocritical? All I see on terror reports are pictures and videos of when American citizens have been captured, tortured, and moments before their beheadings. Aren’t we adding more fuel to the fire every time these images are aired? It does indeed create a more hawk-like attitude, and serve as a pro-war agenda. Those are our daughters and sons, our family, and friends out there fighting this war while self-serving politicos try to convince us to buy into their ideologies simply to further their own personal goals and profits. Can’t anybody think objectively anymore? Not everything is red or blue.
—Kalani Anaole, New York

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