Crunch Time in Iraq

FNC wants to know what YOU think

Should the U.S. "stay the course" in Iraq or is it time to get out? What's the next step?

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FOX Fans sound off:

"The Bush administration has been playing patty cake with this insurgency and Saddam way too long! It's time to either put the hammer down and shut Usama up for good, and get our troops out of there or walk away now! Then turn Iraq into a desert parking lot, heck! Level the entire Middle East! You’ll be doing the rest of world a favor." — J. (Elmira, NY)

"I think we made a big mistake electing Bush again. But we have to live with him. Wish we had someone in power to changes things but I am afraid that there is now one to step up. So all we can do is pray." — J.P.

"This is not the time to quit. The plan has always been to stay as long as it takes. The president is doing the right thing and I love his consistency and resolve. Those who wish to pull out now are not being realistic about what it means to fight to keep the terrorists from our soil and to nurture development of democracy in the midst of tyranny. Iraq is crucial to democracy in the Middle East. We must finish what we started for it to mean anything. I'm behind the president 100%." — C. (Texas)

"President Bush is winning. We got rid of Saddam. The country has had elections. The people will approve the constitution. We must get the Iraqi people to make a greater effort to defeat the insurgents coming in from Iran and Syria. We must not dwell on the body count by the New York Times. The war will not be won by how many people have been killed. There have been fewer people killed during the Iraq war than one day during World War II. President Bush has a goal of a free and democratic Iraq. The president has made the correct choice." — Jerry (Eagan, MN)

"It would absolutely be ridiculous to withdraw from Iraq when the country is still so young and vulnerable. I say their should be no next step other then continuing to fortify Iraq and protect it from Communist oppression and dictatorships." — Vanda (Farmington, NY)

"I think it is time to leave since the citizens of Iraq do not seem to care. I do not think that kind of insurgent terrorism would last long anywhere else. If the people want freedom, THEY MUST FIGHT FOR IT - not us." — C. (Waukesha, WI)

"We need to “stay the course” in Iraq. Let’s do the fighting over there instead of here." — Harry (Florence, AL)

"I think we should step back and let the Iraqis plan the strategy, lead the assaults, take the losses and pay the bills. It’s obvious that our sledgehammer approach to dealing with the misnamed insurgents is flawed. The phrase 'cannon fodder' springs to my mind." — Donald

"I think that we need to stay the course until Iraq has the ability to control their own destiny. A quick pull out now would be the same as a defeat and the brave men and women who have given their lives would have died in vain. It would only encourage more terrorist activities regardless of what Hanoi Jane and other liberals think. Those kind of people were around when this country was fighting for our freedom from England and will be around forever." — Gene (Clarksville, TN)

"I don’t think we should have gone in the first place. But we can’t leave now. If we left before Iraq stabilized around a government and solid defense forces, extremists would believe their tactics forced the U.S. to leave. We can’t allow extremists to think they won." — Chris (Ithaca, NY)

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