Bush's Supreme Pick


Supreme Surprise — President Bush has picked Judge John G. Roberts Jr. to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Watch the video and then Speak Out!

Dems Response

Republicans praise Bush's nomination for the high court, but Democrats say they'll wait and see. Watch the video.

"Outstanding" Choice

Former Reagan Atty General Ed Meese weighs in. Watch the video.

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"Judge John G. Roberts Jr. appears to be a highly qualified, well-respected and fair judicial nominee. He deserves a full senate vote. Please don't hang this nominee up in committee or invoke the filibuster." — Sherrill

"I cannot believe that Bush did not choose a woman. When more than half of the U.S. population consists of women, I am in complete disgust that women are not more equally represented in the U.S. Supreme Court. He should be ashamed." — C.B.

"Hopefully this will backfire on the Bush Administration and we'll have a quick confirmation so that it does not distract from the real blunders (quagmire in Iraq, Karl Rove cover up, etc.)." — Shawn (Johnstown, PA)

"Bush is so lame and visionless. He’s picked another white man in a position of power. It is pathetic that our Supreme Court so poorly reflects the incredible diversity in our country. It's a major disappointment." — Steve (Atlanta, GA)

"I trust President Bush's decision making which is why I voted for him. I have absolute confidence that this choice is because of Robert's credentials more than his stance on abortion laws. It has been demonstrated in the past that these judges change their minds as do all people. We all grow and change. Also, these judges are trained to abide by the laws and respect them more than their own personal opinions." — Linda (Phoenix, AZ)

"I'm disturbed that pro-life leaders have not weighed in against Roberts. His 'Roe vs. Wade is settled law' view is an unacceptable judicial philosophy. Is that why we have worked to put Bush in the White House and Republicans in the Senate?" — Josh (Red Hook, NY)

"Bush's choice of J.G. Roberts Jr. is a good one. Now, lets watch the circus begin. It's really better than SNL. Our Congress is the biggest joke of all." — Dennis (Falling Waters, WV)

"If Roberts will up hold the constitution and laws that he passes are good for the common man/woman of this land and not for the party in office or special interest groups then he will do good if not the country as a whole is screwed again as always." — John (Gulfport, MS)

"Seems to me that there are women just as qualified and should have been nominated. Now, there is just one woman on the bench and one less woman has a voice!" — Karan (Mobile, AL)

"Certain women are being selfish and greedy when they complain about Roberts' maleness. Quality is what matters, right? The best part of this, though, is that Roberts was confirmed to his current bench position by unanimous vote. That will make it beautifully awkward for Democrats who may try to oppose him NOW." — Ron (Rochester, NY)

"What is all of this trash talk about nominating a man? If the man is qualified, why not vote him in? Rock on President Bush!" — Sarah (Springfield, IL)

"I think John G. Roberts is an excellent choice for the nation’s highest court. He can breathe fresh life into an otherwise stale environment. It would be refreshing to have a new outlook among the eight existing justices. The court has made some very bad decisions in recent weeks. Maybe Roberts can add much needed stability to future opinions. Now if the liberal Democrats can be held at bay while Roberts is confirmed, we can begin to move forward as a nation." — Ron (Owensboro, KY)

“We are pleased that President Bush picked a conservative for the bench. It is our prayer that the Senate will confirm his appointment in a timely manner.” — Bob and Harriet (SD)

“Joy Clement would have been a far better choice.” — Sharon (Denver, CO)

“I believe that it says a lot about President Bush to nominate John G. Roberts to the Supreme Court. If I were Justice O'Connor, I would be insulted by Bush's nomination. It is disrespectful on his part to nominate a male to replace the first woman on the bench. — U.M.

“The timing of George Bush's nomination of John Roberts Jr. to the Supreme Court is quite interesting. Could it be a reaction to the recent Karl Rove investigation?” — Neil (Oxford, OH)

“What a wonderful surprise! I wish Mr. Roberts the best as he takes on the hefty task of defending our fine country’s legislation.” — Jim (Tacoma, WA)

“President Bush likes the element of surprise as much as a child likes candy. I think it is unfair that his administration circulates a rumor and then purposely goes in the opposite direction.” — Mark (SLC, UT)

“Personally, I was hoping President Bush would choose a woman. However, after reviewing Mr. Roberts’ record, I am quite pleased.” — Sarah (Fresno, CA)

“Roberts seems like he can handle the job, but I would be very surprised if he turns out to be an easy confirmation. Democrats will NOT let Bush off that easy for passing up credible female candidates.” — Jimmy

“I can’t believe that he didn’t pick a woman! There were so many strong and qualified females. This is a disgrace, and I hope that the Dems block this nomination.” — Janice (Kent, OH)

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