Bush Appoints Bolton

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Should Bush have bypassed the Senate in appointing Bolton? Do you support the president's choice?

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Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"The Dems' opposition to Bolton is as political as it is obstructionist. Has anyone told them that we’re at war? We need a no-nonsense guy at the U.N." — Mark (Atlanta, GA)

"Absolutely! The president did the right thing. The Democrats in the Senate seem to think their role is to give the president permission to put his choices in their posts; when, in reality, their role is to make sure qualified people are in key positions. It is not a personality contest. John Bolton is a qualified candidate. If the Senate can't get it's job done then the constitution gives the president the ability to appoint a candidate while they are in recess. I suggest they deal with it and get on with other business." — Betty (Abilene, TX)

"Yes, I agree that President Bush should have moved forward with John Bolton’s appointment. We need things cleaned up at the UN and John Bolton is just the man to do it. We are sick and tired of all the delays or roadblocks that this Congress is throwing against our president" — Gary

"Bolton belongs in that job. It's the president's prerogative. The next time a Democrat is elected, they can choose whomever they want to appoint. It would be nice if you could lose an election, but have all the perks of victory." — Jim (Plantation, FL)

"Absolutely! We voted President Bush in to get things done. Now is the time to act. Enough of the whining from the Dems who can't get voted in and have made it a hallmark of their actions to be obstructionists." — Irene

"Bush did what Congress tried to do to him, the people elected Bush to be a leader, not a political flunky like the liberal members of congress. They didn't get their way and then they act like spoiled brats. It's a great move by the president." — Joe (Cedar Park, TX)

"The president had every right to appoint Bolton. Given the need for someone in the United Nations who is not afraid to avoid spin and go for the bottom line, and is not politically motivated." — J.J. (Dallas, TX)

Flora (Sophia, NC)

"I think that it's about time that President Bush start flexing his muscles and put this issue to rest! Way to go, George!" — George

"Let's cut the coverage of the Bolton Recess Appointment. I'm tired of listening to the crybaby democrats saying how dishonest it is and how it circumvents the constitution. George Washington first used recess appointments. Most presidents also used them over the years, including Kennedy and Clinton. In fact, Clinton made 140 recess appointments during his terms in office. Where were the Democrats when these were made? They were very quiet. The reason things are not getting done in congress is that the Democrats still don't realize they lost the 2004 election, and they lost it big." — Richard (South Dakota)

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