Americans Helping Terrorists?

Americans Aiding Terrorists? FNC's Bill O'Reilly is spotlighting which countries, groups and individuals he believes are helping aiding these vicious killers. Watch the latest video below and then speak out!

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Factor This!

Which Americans are helping terrorists? Bill names names! Watch the video.

ACLU to Blame?

Bill hands down his judgement.

Watch the video.

Check out what FOX Fans are saying:

"The ACLU is a joke. They are not standing up for the rights of people. They are trying to push their own agenda. Those who are constantly downing this country and our President the only thing I can say is if you don't like this country then leave. No one is forcing you to stay. What happened to all the people that said if President Bush was re-elected would leave and go to Canada. Well, go and take the ACLU with you!" — Sharon (Chatsworth, GA)

"Hey, Bill, we live in a FREE country remember? Moore and any other American has the right to feel, say or do what they want. Your claims that the ACLU or Michael Moore is aiding terrorist are simple wrong. It's careless to say that these people are aiding terrorists. They are not supplying terrorists with technology and weaponry to murder, like our government has done (look at Bush I in the eighties)." — Jane (New York, NY)

"O'Reilly's commentary fell far too short of blaming the largest source of terrorist assistance in the world today: Saudis and American dependency on oil in general. Maybe the ACLU is a pesky gnat that buzzes and makes a lot of unwelcome noise in the ear of the military and the justice departments. Yes the French gave millions to Saddam Hussein. But really, do you think that compares one iota to our utter dependence on fossil fuels, which expose us to terrorism by forcing us to cozy up to the evil House of Saud, who in turn bankroll Al Qaeda and Wahibbism in general?" — Tony

"If any American has aided Terrorists, publish their names like we expect sex offenders to be listed in the small town newspapers. Their neighbors need to know their dirty little secrets." — Frank (Gallatin, TN)

"Any American using oil, driving gas guzzling SUVs, aid terrorists. Any government official (hello Bush family) who fails to draw a harsh line in the sand with the Saudis is aiding terrorism. Any American who supports the Patriot Act is aiding terrorism; because terrorists want us to change the way we live and forgo democracy and freedom. Any American who has or is doing business with the oil industry (hello Bush family) is aiding terrorism. Our own government has done more to harm our country than any single American! It's time for a change!" — Dan (Dover, DE)

"Bravo Bill! It's about time that these folks were called on what they do and have done. Thank God the ACLU wasn't around during WWII to interfere with liberating Germany. I'm sure they would've wanted to make sure the Nazis had a fair shake." — Pat (Tulsa, OK)

"This is crazy! The ACLU in no way is aiding terrorism. They are one of the few organizations that, unlike the Bush administration, care about democracy and the constitution!" — Belinda (Boston, MA)

“Any so-called American who stands on a street corner holding anti-Bush or anti-war signs while publicly calling their OWN government terrorist killers are supporting the enemy in my book. You are either for us or against us. It's that simple.” — Jen (Little Rock, AR)

“First of all, O'Reilly states that these men were not in uniform so therefore they are not under the Geneva Convention. No, then we need to charge them with the crime we are holding them for and treat them like we are supposed to treat prisoners in our jails. Second, the ACLU is fighting for your rights as well as mine and if you weren't such pigheaded no it all you would support any organization that helps to maintain the checks and balances that this administration believes we don't need. If you are getting on a bandwagon get on one that is playing the Star Spangled Banner and not one that is destroying this country.” — Janis

“I wish 'Bush-Bashers' would get real. It makes me sick to hear their ridiculous comments about the ACLU. I'd love to see them defend the country from terrorists. They'd be the first to run if and when we're attacked. And I hope they'd be praying and calling on both God and Bush to help them because in their ideal world they have no one.” — Loretta (Creole, LA)

“I think the ACLU is a despicable organization all the way around. They support everything that is vile and constantly take the side of the criminal. Terrorists are criminals. Also, I am amazed that anyone would mention the fact that John Roberts may have been a member of the Federalist. Have they forgotten that Justice Ginsberg was a lawyer for the ACLU?” — Grace

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