Topics and Guests for August 15

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America lowers the transit threat level. Is this the right move or a dangerous mistake? We'll take an in-depth look on tonight's "Big Story."

The governor of New Mexico declares a state of emergency, saying the move is necessary because violence, illegal immigration and drug smuggling are on the rise. We'll get the lowdown on the situation from Gov. Bill Richardson, D-N.M.

Then, feds bust a huge marijuana drug tunnel spanning from Canada to Washington state. The sting operation would not have been possible without "sneak and peek" — a controversial part of the Patriot Act. But can the "sneak and peek" provision be considered unconstitutional? We'll get the legal lowdown from Judge Andrew Napolitano.

And, two fifty per gallon? Nope, not gas prices, but gas mileage. A "plugged in" version of a popular hybrid car gets an amazing 250 miles/gallon! So how does the plug-in process work? We'll ask Ron Gremban, technical lead for California Cars Initiative.

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