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Check out the new feature on www.gretawire.com. You can now download on your iPods, mp3 players, etc., audio segments from our show. Yes, you can take them to the gym, the beach, etc. It is not difficult to do — even I figured it out! I am curious whether you will use this feature or not... so write me and let me know.

Dr. Baden is booked on our show for Tuesday night. He has a new book out — “Remains Silent” — that he wrote with his wife Linda Kenney. There is no one better in the business than Dr. Baden. My challenge tonight is to figure out what to talk to him about since there are so many topics on our radar screen that he could help us understand — including details about that plane crash in Greece (search). In figuring out the cause of that crash, it is important, for instance, to study the lung tissue of the dead to see if they inhaled some toxic chemical, etc. Even in an accident where the cause seems obvious, it is critical to study the medical evidence to rule out other possibilities.

Cindy Sheehan (search) was supposed to have been on our show last night but called and said she was too tired. She asked to move her appearance — her second on our show — until tonight. She is expected to be on the show tonight but much could change between now and then.

Here is a touch of the "behind the scenes" — on Monday, I spoke to an American woman whose family knows the Van der Sloot family very well. The woman and her family spent Easter at the Van der Sloot family home and have many pictures of the family. She told me, among other things, that Paul van der Sloot perspires profusely all the time. Her husband in the background confirmed this. This is significant since I had reported that when I met with him that he perspired profusely — something that was not odd if he did that all the time but was odd if he only did it when asked about his son and Natalee. (I might add — perspiring is never legal evidence of guilt.) Frankly, I had never seen anyone perspire so profusely — he literally carried a towel with him the whole time I was with him on both days. I noted it because it was so odd to me. Since I wanted to set the record straight on this and other matters, I asked the woman to appear on our show. She agreed. I thought that to be the fair thing to do. Less than 10 minutes later I received a phone call from a producer saying she was no longer willing to appear. She said that after hanging up with me she received a threatening phone call. That seemed odd to me — in the time it took for me to go to the break room and get a soda, she said she had been threatened.

On the Natalee Holloway (search) story, I received many e-mails about a bone being found — washed ashore — in Venezuela and was asked why we did not report it. The answer is simple — we did report it via a reporter in Aruba last night AND we reported that the authorities were saying it had nothing to do with Natalee (it was not her arm bone.) Perhaps those who wrote me missed this report last night during our show — we did not spend much time on it since we are being told it is not Natalee's bone.

Now some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

This is in response to your reply to the person from Jonesboro. A liberal working for FOX News? I think not. That would be like the Ku Klux Klan hiring Jesse Jackson as its spokesperson. Get off your high horse. You aren't nearly as cool as you think you are.
Dale Henderson
Little Rock, AR

E-mail No. 2

Ms. Sheehan certainly has the right to protest. Here are my questions: When her son enlisted in the army, was she not aware that he would be serving his country? Was she not aware that he would be called into action by the president? Was she not aware that there would be risks? Why did her son join the service?
Hopefully he was not one of those who joined for the benefits without thinking of the consequences.
L. Nelson

E-mail No. 3

Great, didn't you mention that Jim Hammer was your husband or did I dream this? I know this is personal but I'm just curious.

P.S. He is a cutie!

ANSWER: This is the test as to whether Jim reads the blog. If he sees the above e-mail, he will call me. Yes, Jim is cute... but I have been with my husband since 1979. I am very, very, very happily married.

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