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New information about 9/11 is raising questions: Who really knew what? When did they know it? And could the attack on America have been prevented? Don't miss this edition of "The Big Story."

Then, Cindy Sheehan (search) lost her son in the Iraq war and is demanding a meeting with President Bush. The president says he has heard Sheehan's argument before and that any decision on the troops will be based by the top U.S. commander in Iraq. So should Bush have a meeting with Sheehan? And, if so, would it do any good? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from Republican strategist Brad Blakeman and Democratic strategist Steve Murphy.

And, George and Jennifer Hyatte (search), the fugitive couple accused of killing a corrections officer in Tennessee, both waive extradition in separate court appearances Friday. Tennessee will now have to get a warrant to the Ohio governor in order to have the Hyattes returned. We'll have the latest.

Plus, a new study says the most liberal city in the U.S. is Detroit. What? Not Berkeley or San Francisco? At the other end of the spectrum, the study lists Provo, Utah as the most conservative. So is California losing its lefty brigade? We'll get reaction from former Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown and Provo Mayor Lewis Billings.

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