Aug. 15. 2005 12:43 p.m.
Mexico City

7 a.m. flight, 4 a.m. rise and pack. Nine cases. Our stewardess pretended she had a magic wand to make all the bad out there go away so we would all have nothing but a pleasant flight. I looked down at the crossword puzzle during her performance. The cameraman Alfredo sat next to a woman with three small children. Maybe the wand did not work in coach. He read to one of them.

"Foreign" is misspelled on the Mexican customs forms. I checked FOREING. To get through customs there is a stoplight and you press a button. Alfredo said if the red light goes on they search everything. He carried a copy of the Mexican law on foreign journalists in his pocket. He got a red light.

The first interview is this afternoon with a woman who is head of an anti-crime organization. When her husband was kidnapped they cut off four of his fingers.

"Can we see his hand?" I asked.

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I’d rather read your blog than 99% of the other “news” that’s out there. Keep it up!

— Patrick

Hi Steve,

I really enjoy reading your notes. My 76-year-old Mom sent me envelope last week, taped over the flap, of course. And I remember visiting her Mom in an old, warm apartment in Hollywood that had a Murphy bed. We thought Grandma was eccentric – she bought my sisters fishnet tights in the 70’s & took us out on public transportation - the bus. Thanks for taking me there again, Steve.

Stay safe,


I admire you so much for what you are doing and the story you are trying to uncover but it almost seems to be an impossible situation. We pray for your safety and admire your courage.



Thanks for the great reporting about the ongoing troubles here on the US/Mexican border. We live just south of Laredo, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. We are extremely pleased that someone is finally exposing this corrupt and dangerous area to the rest of our nation.

Keep up the good work!

Harlingen, Texas