Topics and Guests for August 10

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Is it the government's role to prop a company up when it's in trouble? We’ll ask Wendell Perkins, chief investment officer of the Johnson Family of Funds; Diane Swonk, chief economist for Mesirow Financial, and Scott Kays, president of Kays Financial Advisory Corporation.

Did the government let Mohamed Atta slip through its fingers? Could Sept. 11 have been averted? We'll hear from the widow of one victim.

And, the Reverend Jerry Falwell comes under fire for telling people to "vote Christian."

Plus, as NASA continues to celebrate the safe return of Discovery (search), one private company is offering a trip around the moon. Eric Anderson, CEO of Space Adventures, explains if you can pay up, he’ll send you up.

And, wealthy Iraqi businessmen are taking millions of dollars out of Iraq every day. Where are they headed and can Iraq be rebuilt without them? We’ll ask FOX News contributor, Dan Senor, former Coalition Provisional Authority (search) spokesman, on tonight’s edition of "Your World."

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