Ask the Boss!

QUESTION: I really feel burnt-out by my job. I want to take a short leave, but I’m concerned it could harm my career. What should I do? -- Francine (Silver Spring, MD)

If you already feel that you’re burnt out, do yourself a favor and go someplace where you’re going to be happy. Burn-out is definitely a state of mind, but it has to do with your perception of where you are and where you’re at. A change of scenery can really help you, and you can blossom. Any time that you hold back is time that’s like marching in step; you’re not moving forward. Another thing is you really ought to do some self analysis. Why is it that you’re burnt out? Are there things that you’re in control of or that you’re not in control of? Daryl Jesperson, CEO, RE/MAX

QUESTION: My colleagues attend many office functions and outings. I usually don’t go. Will this ultimately hurt my career? -- Jane (New York, NY)

Politics are a reality of the workplace, and that means putting in face time at office functions and outings. By avoiding such functions you are not only saying that you think little of your peers, but also mitigating the efforts of management to create a happier environment and to foster a team mentality. — Charles Payne, CEO Wall Street Strategies

QUESTION: I work out of my home, and lately I find myself distracted. How do I remain focused? Any suggestions? -- Derek (Cleveland, OH)

Set up a room as a private office with a separate telephone line, computer and fax machine. NO TV! Don’t tolerate non-business interruptions. Set a regular schedule and follow it.— George Ross, EVP and Senior Counsel to The Trump Organization