Hosed at the Pump!

Aug. 10, 2005 1:11 p.m.

I hate to admit it, since it reinforces how old I am, but I remember when gas was less than 30 cents a gallon.

I wasn't driving then. My dad was. But there was a discount station in town selling gas for 29.9 cents, maybe even a couple pennies less.

I pulled into a station on Long Island today, and premium was $305.9. I filled up with regular, and it still cost more than 70 bucks.

"That's a first," I said to the attendant, motioning at the price sign. He just laughed.

I'm guessing the oil companies are laughing too. I hear some posted record earnings last quarter. Go figure...

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I refuse to pay for more advertisers to assult my food products. I will not buy eggs that are written on either by lasers or ink... if I want eggs decorated- I'll buy egg-dying kits and do them myself.

Thanks for the heads up:

It doesn't bother me to have the eggs lasered. I find myself wondering if eggs are good when I throw away the carton! A little advertisement on the eggs is entertaining actually! Yep, I wish I had thought of that.

Thanks for reminding us that our neat ideas can really do something important...

Pensacola, FL

I'm glad you brought this story to our attention. The invention of EggFusion is capitalism at its best! We don't need more government regulation to protect us from dishonest producers; we simply need a man to see a problem and then work to offer up a solution. Brilliant! Great job, Brad Parker!


I like the idea of having born-on dates on my eggs. I also like the idea that Brad Parker and his company are just another egg-ample of opportunity through American ingenuity.

Egg-cuse me, I couldn't resist.


Rick- - -Now that was one interesting, eggcelent blog! Mr. Parker is one smart egghead.


Rick, after that report, it appears you have used up your pun quota for the next two years.
Seriously, we enjoy your blogs, keep them coming.

Paul & Billie
Glen St. Mary, Fl.


Just a thank you for your excellent reporting! But I have to ask this: from airline crash to eggshells? What will FOX do with you next?

Keep up the great work!

Red Bluff, CA