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America on alert! As Al Qaeda vows to wage war on the U.S., how prepared are we for an attack? Don't miss this edition of "The Big Story."

A Russian mini-submarine is stuck on the Pacific floor, trapping seven Russian sailors who are slowly running out of air. The U.S. Navy is rushing an unmanned vehicle there to help in the rescue efforts. It is literally a race against time. Will rescuers reach the sub before the air runs out? Team FOX is live with the latest.

Prime Minister Tony Blair (search) announces that foreigners who preach hate, sponsor violence, or belong to extremist groups will get a one-way ticket out of Britain. So what kind of deportation rules does the U.S. have? We'll ask former FBI agent Harold Copus, a partner at Investigative Solutions private investigation firm.

Then, a Spanish newspaper reports that investigators believe the Madrid train bombers chose their attack date just one day after Usama bin Laden released a video threatening Spain and other U.S. allies with troops in Iraq. Could the tape released Thursday by bin Laden's No. 2 man spark the same response in the U.S.? We'll get insight from former CIA operative Bob Baer.

And, CNN commentator Robert Novak (search) swore and stormed off the set of a live TV program in the middle of a heated exchange with former Clinton advisor James Carville. CNN suspended Novak indefinitely for his outburst. So why did Novak lose his cool? Democratic strategist Joe Trippi, Howard Dean's former campaign manager, weighs in.

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